Jason Isaacs Says Racist Star Trek “Fans” Can Go F**k Themselves

Jason Isaacs, who plays Captain Gabriel Lorca on Star Trek: Discovery took part in a press conference on Saturday following the big Discovery panel at New York Comic Con. Among the topics discussed, Isaacs had a clear message for anyone that has an issue with a woman of color playing the lead role in the series.

On the topic of social media feedback and some fans displeasure with aspects of Discovery so far, Isaacs said:

This is a different world [than Harry Potter] — the Star Trek world — where adults love and revere and protect this. It’s mostly, at least from what I’ve experienced, on this social media… is how you encounter it. It’s mostly just love and excitement and fabulously positive things. And then there are the people — genuine fans — who are are skeptical, don’t want to pay or particularly obsessed with technical things. It’s not my business to tell them ‘Don’t worry, they’re tearing each other’s eyes out in the writer’s room about matters of canon as well. Don’t think that they don’t care about it. They’ve got an explanation that you may or may not be satisfied with.’

He went on to say that he welcomes the fan’s feedback but he has zero tolerance for racism.

Those people are very welcome and we’re thrilled that they’re arguing about it, that they’re upset, angry, or they love it. Any of that stuff is fine.

There’s also a bunch of people who are upset that there’s woman lead, or that there’s a woman of color lead, or that there’s a diverse platform and we’ve got a bunch of from every gender and sexuality and stuff… and those people can go f**k themselves.

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  • bluntedkid

    Jason Issacs calling you morons out. Stop living in the past and join the rest of us in the future! I love it.

    • Trido99

      What? He called out racists and sexists. You’re implying he was also calling out genuine fans who have issues with Discovery. If you actually read this article, you would realise that he did not. Stop trying to dictate what other fans like.

      • bluntedkid

        That’s exactly who I am implying in my comments – racists and sexists who keep trashing STD because it doesnt look and sound or feel like the canon of it’s predecessors! This show is off to a wonderful start and real Trek fans should be supporting it all the way thru not making disperaging comments 4 episodes in! That’s who I’m talking too just in case like this guy above, anyone else needed clarification on that!

        • You’re still implying that fans like me who cherish canon are racists and sexists. Stop It!!

  • JB

    Jason Isaacs callin’ out (quite literally) zero people I’ve heard complaining about STD.

    • Niala Terrell-Mason

      Oh no, there’s been a LOT. For months and months up until now. Trust me, he’s not wrong about these fan reactions. People complaining about “social justice agendas” and “this isn’t Trek” and so on.

      • JB

        People complaining about “social justice agendas” and “this is not Trek” is not the same as “this sucks​ because of black people,” or whatever. Virtue signaling doesn’t make good writing even if good writing can virtue signal. Burham and Georgiou have zero chemistry, no matter how empowering you think it is. It’s just lazy writing.

        • Niala Terrell-Mason

          Oh come on, you know what “social justice agenda” is code for: diversity. No, someone isn’t going to come out and say “this sucks because of Black people,” but they’ll complain about quotas or social justice agendas or “pandering.”

          • JB

            Maybe, but I haven’t seen it. Even so, the argument is silly. STD is very painfully low on diversity, aside from the very most superficial, racist understanding of diversity.

  • Trido99

    I was happy to see this. He was acting like a real dick before the launch, but he is being more reasonable and respectful to the old hardcore fan.

  • sherry wallis

    I’ve enjoyed the Discovery series so far. It has a lot of depth to the plot and the individual characters are intriguing. Looking forward to the plot continuing. Reminds me more of STDS9.

  • Brian Bonham

    There was no problem with Captain Sisco on STDS9 whats wrong with the same on Discovery. People need to pick other things to complain about. This is rediculous. Get a life haters!!

    • JB

      You have stumbled upon something. Trekkies don’t care about Sisko’s race; they don’t care about Kirk and Uhura; but they do care about shoddy writing.

  • Dylan Archer

    The three episodes of Discovery so far have been awesome – but they would have been better if they had more white male core characters.

  • DS9 is King

    I Heard this Really cool Rumor that Discovery IS driven by the Alice in Wonderland idea(reference Burnham’s book). Burnham is Alice. The Captain is the Mad Hatter, Discovery is the well, etc. The drive they are trying to create, they will eventually discover, is NOT moving them from place to place…it’s moving them from universe to universe. Most of which have few differences…but the longer they play with it and the further they push it the further they get from their own base reality. Eventually they find themselves in something that resembles ToS continuity… THAT is how they will scrub away most continuity issues and still get to tell basically any version of Trek they want along the way…

    Does that erase their original time/universe? The Kelvin universe? Consolidate ‘verses? Are they trapped in the new ‘verse? Did they create the “new” ‘verse (our familiar Trek timeline)? I don’t know, but if we see what has already been hinted at; that the visuals will become more “Trek” as the show goes on (LOOK at some of the pics when Burnham “travels”; the Devil In The Dark facility and the “Paradise Syndrome” obelisk stand out…especially the Obelisk which is unaltered from ToS) then we’ll definitely have an indicator…and it might even make the series worthwhile…

    • Niala Terrell-Mason

      Hmm. That’s a really intriguing idea.

  • John

    So far from what I have seen of STD, I like it enough to pay the monthly subscription fee. The only negative thing I can say is that the outer appearance of the U.S.S Discovery is awful. One less model I will be purchasing. That’s probably a good thing, I’m running out of room. The Shenzhou was more visually attractive. I wish Jason could have expressed himself with a little more tact. Maybe a writer can help him next time.

  • Jason Isaacs manages to tell apart justified and unjustified criticism so why can’t you? Why this trolling?

  • Jane Doe

    The slave trade ended hundreds of years ago and no one alive today has anything to do with it. Yet we must be reminded of it daily? Really? Just from that stand point I can’t stand the left wing media any further. I want nothing further to do with the self righteous media who is hypocritical to say the least. All of Hollywood, LA, harvey weinstein, Ben Afflection, all the hollywood BS is good at telling everyone else how deplorable they are.. what a bunch of B… S…. Hollywood reveals in the gutter and they should quite trying to act like everyone else is the problem.

    • Niala Terrell-Mason

      …what in the world are you talking about? What does this rant have to do with the article? And it wasn’t hundreds of years ago that slavery ended. It’s been about 150 years. Less if we count the the Reconstruction Era and period of Jim Crow. There are people alive today who knew ex-slaves. This is living memory. But again….wtf?

  • AnotherBrian

    I am curious. Is there a new rule out there where no one can criticize a show or movie that includes a minority or woman as a lead? Is that a thing now?

    • America is Kiked

      yes, it’s a rule of SJW USA ZOG

    • Niala Terrell-Mason

      No, but the tone of the criticism is coded. There’s a difference between “I thought this week’s episode had weak writing” vs. “Ugh why do they have to pander to “diversity” and SJWs.” You know what they are really saying.

      • AnotherBrian

        No, you don’t. Until they actually say it, you cannot possibly know (unless you’re telepathic; Charles Xavier?).

  • America is Kiked

    terrible writing, and annoying queers

  • Geoff Edevane

    Even if this was free I wouldn’t watch it. Star Trek, in my mind, ended with Enterprise.

  • Robert Schwartz

    After that I will make sure I buy CBS online to watch the show.. NAh I won’t