New ‘Star Trek’ Figures From McFarlane Toys Debut at SDCC

McFarlane Toys’ Captain Kirk and Captain Picard figures debut at San Diego Comic-Con

Earlier this year, we first reported that McFarlane Toys had been tapped to produce a new line of Star Trek figures. In addition to Star Trek: Discovery toys, the company will also create new likenesses of several of Star Trek‘s familiar faces.

McFarlane debuted the first of those figures during San Diego Comic-Con, with two of Star Trek‘s most-beloved captains: James T. Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard.

The highly-detailed figures are some of the best we’ve seen and very in-line with the quality that McFarlane Toys has become known for. Take a look at the Kirk and Picard figures and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Captain Kirk

Captain James T. Kirk from McFarlane Toys
Captain James T. Kirk from McFarlane Toys (photo: Brad Gullickson for

Captain Picard

Captain Jean-Luc Picard from McFarlane Toys
Captain Jean-Luc Picard from McFarlane Toys (photo: Brad Gullickson for

According to the information at the McFarlane booth at SDCC, the figures will retail for $19.99 each and will be available at major retailers worldwide. They will be available next spring.

“Star Trek is hands down one of the most groundbreaking and innovative franchises in the history of entertainment,” said Todd McFarlane, Owner and CEO of McFarlane Toys, in a press release when the line was first announced in May. “We plan on carrying that forward with our upcoming toy lines, giving fans a fresh and detailed look, that their favorite characters deserve.”

Star Trek figures from McFarlane Toys
(photo: McFarlane Toys)

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  • The Picard looks good but the Kirk falls short (maybe the lighting). Barbie captured Shatner better. Who did the modeling?

  • Jerry Martin

    I want Spock!!! Llap

  • Paul Wand

    The phaser in the hand of Kirk is way too big for him compared to the original size. Both faces, Kirk and Picard, have a startled and befuddled expression, and thus I would not purchase either one.

  • Sheryl M

    They’re not much chop, really. The modeller clearly had trouble working in the dark and without any actual pictures to guide him.

  • Gary Sebben

    Looks good, but Kirk’s shirt is too long. Hope they fix that.