WATCH: Things Get Incredibly Awkward During William Shatner’s Interview With ‘Good Morning Britain’

While promoting the Destination Star Trek Europe convention in Birmingham, UK on Friday, William Shatner was (awkwardly) interviewed by the hosts of Good Morning Britain.

“Are we on the air?” Shatner asked jokingly, while holding a mobile phone as he sat in the captain’s chair on a recreation of the Enterprise bridge. “This primitive place! I’m among savages. Where am I?”

The interview began with GMB host Ben Shepard asking Shatner what his favorite Star Trek episode — a previously submitted question. No, I’ve never been asked that before!” Shatner exclaimed. “That was a very unusual question. Did you do research?” asked the 85-year-old actor. With the hosts insisting that the question was being asked via Twitter, Shatner invited the questioner to come to the convention and ask in person.

The interview devolved from there, with Shatner eventually deciding to end the interview early, saying “I’m getting out of this. What kind of interview is this? Lovely to chat to you… if that’s what it was.”

Check it out for yourself below.

The Destination Star Trek Europe convention runs through Sunday at NEC Birmingham. In addition to Shatner, the guest list includes George Takei, Walter Koenig, Christopher Lloyd, Wil Wheaton, Terry Farrell, Marina Sirtis, Connor Trinneer, Dominic Keating, and more.

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  • petershatner

    I think he’s freaking out after my book, “The Search: How I met my father William Shatner”, came out this week.

  • andrewbeet

    Obviously the person who asked what is william shatner’s favourite episode ? every star trek fan knows it’s the city on the edge of forever

  • Vger64

    That was not awkward, that was funny!!

  • Dasjerm

    He’s got crazy old man syndrome now where the filter in his head just disintegrates and he spews verbal diarrhea as a result. He’s the next Nick Nolte or Dennis Quaid now.

  • Spock

    Oh my. Now I’m wondering if signing up to spend a week on a cruise ship with William Shatner this coming January was such a great idea. Anyone want to make me an offer on a balcony stateroom?

  • Non-Sequitur

    Looks to me that he was extremely tired (the bloodshot eyes gave that away) and a little high (maybe) and just tired of answering everyone’s questions…and a little snarky… Par for the course for Bill, lol. Great man and at 85 he should be so lucky!

  • Bernhardt Le Mechant

    yep, they shouldn’t of asked that questions – it’s the one question the ST actors get asked over and over… and he’s probably been asked it hundreds of times.. over *decades*….