All Access Series Named STAR TREK DISCOVERY, New Teaser Trailer

STAR TRE DISCOVERY has been officially announced as the name of new series on CBS All Access.

Showrunner Bryan Fuller made the announcement and showed off a new teaser trailer for the series during the “Star Trek: Celebrating 50 Years” panel that featured former Star Trek actors William Shatner, Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, Jeri Ryan and Scott Bakula.

The show’s new ship has been unveiled as NCC-1031.



You can watch the Star Trek Discover teaser trailer below.

Earlier in the day, Fuller brought doughnuts to fans patiently waiting in line to get into the Star Trek mega-panel in the famed Hall H of the San Diego Convention Center.

Bryan Fuller delivers Dunkin Donuts to fans at SDCC
Bryan Fuller delivers Dunkin Donuts to fans at SDCC

The first episode of Star Trek: Discovery will premiere with a broadcast TV special on CBS. That episode and all subsequent episodes will be exclusively shown in the US on the video streaming service CBS All Access.

Alex Kurtzman, Bryan Fuller and Rod Roddenberry have been announced as executive producers, with Nicholas Meyer (director of The Wrath of Khan and The Undiscovered Country and co-writer of The Voyage Home) is serving as a writer and consulting producer.

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  • Scott Young

    So the series will be called STD? Hah. Can’t wait for it!!!

  • Arron Bubba Ratcliff

    Who designed that ship.OMG! it looks nothing like a star fleet design.That looks like something i would have drawn up during a drinking binge.And to call it ST:D really? are they even trying or is this just a corporate cash grab by CBS using Star Trek.

    • Jude L

      I would assume its based on the Ralph McQuarrie’s refit enterprise concepts in the ’70s

      • ZOD

        I’m all for going back to old concept art for inspiration, but this isn’t a very good example of that. The big flat shapes really make the CG look amateurish. I know that it isn’t — but this trailer just didn’t look as polished as it needs to, IMO.

        • Akiva1

          Hey, you’re totally correct, Those textures can’t be the final ones – they’re just not real. I run Lightwave 3D and my limited skill set could have created that.

    • lvlUnderneath

      Explain right now how an ugly ship in any way translates to “cash grab”.

      • Arron Bubba Ratcliff

        they are treating the whole series as a cash grab.gotta pay for cbs all access to view it in the states.and outside the states you have to sub to netflix.the crappy ship design and crappy cgi work is just topping on the cake that proves they don’t care about doing star trek right.

  • G.Hammond

    The effects look fan filmy in all honesty, not too impressed so far.

    • JB

      It might look better than a fan-film that cost $50,000 to make and is no more than 15 minutes long, but it looks substantially worse than several fan-films out there.

  • Luke Montgomery

    Wow. From the logo to the clunky and inelegant ship design to the fan film level effects this looks terrible. I was so excited about this. Some bad creative choices are being made. Love the name. Unfortunate about everything else.

  • JB

    So did they dissect the delta shield to show us about what percentage of Trek fans they are willing to lose due to a series of bad decisions, one of which is this ship?

  • Jens Joe Nick

    Wow… the whole trailer is just crap. Look at those 90s-computergame textures.
    How can they publish something like that?

    The ship looks more Klingon than Starfleet… but it looks like the Ralp McQuarrie redesign of the Enterprise for “The Movie”… but it looked bad in 1979… and it looks bad now…

    If the whole series is crap like this… 🙁

  • Stram Leack

    With this kind of Design its an everlasting pain for the eyes.
    Therfore the performance of the actors must be perfekt to compensate this kind of optical horror. LOL