New Star Trek TV Series To Film In Toronto Later This Year

The new Star Trek television show that’s being produced for CBS All Access will be unlike any other Trek series before it — as the new show may be filming north of the United States border in Canada.

According to a report by Pop Goes the News, CBS booked studio space in Toronto last September, to produce the new series.

This move breaks from tradition, as all five previous live-action Star Trek series have shot in Los Angeles. While no other Trek television series has been shot in Canada, Justin Lin’s upcoming feature film Star Trek Beyond was filmed in Vancouver last year.

Canadian government tax incentives are traditionally a reason for filming in Canada, as opposed to Los Angeles.

The new series, produced by CBS Television Studios, will launch in early 2017 with a broadcast TV special on CBS. The first episode and all subsequent episodes will be exclusively shown in the US on the video streaming service CBS All Access.

Alex Kurtzman, Bryan Fuller and Rod Roddenberry have been announced as executive producers, with Nicholas Meyer (director of The Wrath of Khan and The Undiscovered Country and co-writer of The Voyage Home) is serving as a writer and consulting producer.

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  • Dasjerm

    The Shatman is from Canada. Canada is awesome, we’re the best. Trek should be here. GO LEAFS GO!!

    • poomcface

      The leafs. HAH

  • DS9 is King

    Yes The new Star Trek TV series will Film in Toronto in September and this is great, I have said this before and I will say it again I hope this series will be a darker take on Star Trek.

    • Trekboi

      Firstly- I see you are a DS9 fan, so you don’t understand what Star Trek is.
      DS9 is not Star Trek- the creators in a deliberate act of subversion & betrayal waited untill gene Died to make what they wanted to be an anti-Star Trek. If you want Dark Sci-fi- fine- watch something else, stop trying to make Star Trek into some dark, grim, post apocalypsic thing- That is NOT Star Trek- Star Trek is a bright optimistic future where humanity is united & we work together against external forces. Yes thats harder to write for but people wanted it & still want that bright optimistic future to have to look faorward too- people like you voicing this need to pull Star Trek down into a darker more “contempory” negative confrontational concept is killing Star Trek because you can’t tell it from the other Bleak & miserable Sci-Fi series.
      I am tired of all these basic bitchs who can’t comprehend the reality of Gene’s vision always trying to reduce it to their limited, contemporay negative world view.

      • spitfire1

        DS9 was Still Star Trek with a over all darker tint in the end. DS9 truly tried to show a positive side and hopefull side in the end.

      • ziplock9000

        You are 100% correct, but… I love Gene’s vision in TOS and TNG, but I think it went too far in the first 2 seasons of DS9.. It made it very sterile and quite frankly boring. I do think however over the seasons, DS9 went too far the other way and became almost a Star Wars Trek.
        For me, exploration of the universe and the soul accompanied by science is what ‘Trek is about

      • Cody

        Actually, DS9 is Star Trek. It’s also quite frankly the best star trek show of them all, hands down. Period. You want to force Star Trek to conform to one narrow path, basically, the trek that you happen to like, but Trek doesn’t revolve around you son. It has a bit more diversity to it than you realize. It can be dark, and that’s just fine.

      • RDB

        anybody who says DS9 is not star trek has no idea what they’re talking about.

        you’re tired of “basic bitches” – ? i’m tired of whiny-ass revisionists who cluelessly insist that the original series is the be-all, end-all of the trek universe.

        the beauty of the trek universe as a storytelling device is that it is rich and multifaceted enough to support different takes and perspectives. DS9 did this marvelously by toughening up the universe, and by daring (wow) to suggest that not all stories have neat, tidy conclusions and that relationships between different people and different races *might* be nuanced and multifaceted.

        i’m not (necessarily) saying that DS9 was the best star trek series, but it is every bit as worthy as TOS and TNG.

      • David B Levinson

        Being biased having worked at Quark’s Bar all I can say is …….The world or should I say universe is not all sweetness and light. There is good and there is evil.

      • LS650

        Someone with a different take on Star Trek is a “basic bitch”?

  • MrGrumply

    Not sure how I feel about this being a product of Canada. Since this is a streaming show, you;’re telling me its still costly to shoot here in the US?

  • Mardock

    This is incorrect. Issues of Production Weekly this year have it shooting in Vancouver and Los Angeles. It is not going to Toronto.

    • David B Levinson

      I haven’t checked Production Weekly but I do know someone who did two budgets for CBS. One was for here in LA and one was for out of town. The results were that shooting here is doable. After all we have sound stages and a lot of the makeup people and costumers who worked on the different series are still here. I believe no decision has been made yet but when all is said and done you will probably be proven right.

    • Lava_Lander
    • Ryan Miller

      That was the movie Star Trek Beyond. Nothing to do with the TV series.

  • I hope its more like the original series than the other Trek series; a hopeful tone, a focus on a small group of main characters, and each episode a contained adventure without a continuing plot.

  • ksoma

    I am anticipating the new series with dread. I’m not expecting it to be good, which really bothers me because of my love for the show through growing up.
    Seeing that the director of movies 2 and 6, and co-writer of movie 4 in involved, though, gives me a glimmer of hope that maybe the series will be wonderful.

  • Markus McLaughlin

    I HOPE the new series is willing to accept new writers’ scripts, like TNG had done…

  • Ryan Miller

    You misrepresented the report that you are sourcing. Pop Goes The News (correctly) reported that studio space has been booked BEGINNING in September (as in this coming September). You are saying the space was booked LAST September, which is not only incorrect but not what your source material says.

  • Milo

    How disappointing. As an Angeleno, I’m never OK with jobs being taken out of LA.

  • planetcrap

    The nails are already in the coffin. This series will only be available if you pay for cbs’s vod and it will be produced by many of those involved with the abysmal new movies. The show will not last…….