New Star Trek Series Reportedly Set Pre-TNG In Prime Universe

The first season of the new Star Trek television show, set to premiere on CBS All Access in January, is reported to be set after Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country and before Star Trek: The Next Generation.

For Star Trek fans, this means the series will take place in between 2293 and 2364, the time span separating the adventures of Captain Kirk and Captain Picard.

However, this time period will only apply for the first season, as the show has been reportedly described as a seasonal anthology. This means the time period will change from season to season.

It has also been reported that the show will not be set in the rebooted Star Trek universe, as established in J.J. Abrams’ two Star Trek movies and the upcoming Star Trek: Beyond.

Other concrete details on scant thus far, but it’s been announced that the first episode of the show will be broadcast on CBS, with the following episodes exclusive to the All Access streaming service.

Alex Kurtzman, co-writer and co-producer of J.J. Abrams’ two films, will be executive producer for the new show. Also on the creative team is Rod Roddenberry, son of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, Bryan Fuller of Deep Space Nine and Voyager fame, and Nicholas Meyer, director of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

The new series, produced by CBS Television Studios, will launch in early 2017 with a broadcast TV special on CBS. The first episode and all subsequent episodes will be exclusively shown in the US on the video streaming service CBS All Access.

Alex Kurtzman, Bryan Fuller and Rod Roddenberry have been announced as executive producers, with Nicholas Meyer (director of The Wrath of Khan and The Undiscovered Country and co-writer of The Voyage Home) is serving as a writer and consulting producer.

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Kyle Hadyniak has been a lifelong Star Trek fan. A graduate student at the University of Maine, Kyle spends his time either doing school work, playing music, reading history, or immersing himself in a good video game.

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  • Brian Thorn

    … and there was much rejoicing! No Abramsverse. Hallelujah!

    • The Magic Christian


  • OphidianJaguar

    Until its officially announced by CBS, Kurtzman or Fuller, ill take everything with a grain of salt. That being said, speculation is fun. If this were true, its bitter sweet for me. Upside: Prime universe, plus a chance to watch more than one era of Star Trek. There are three main periods to still explore. I would not count pre Enterprise as there is not much there, ENT pretty much covered it. But post ENT pre TOS. Post TUC pre TNG. And Post NEM. There is a lot of time between shows that could be explored plus centuries after Nemesis. A serialized show could do that. Downside: One season per era, per crew is not enough time to really get to know the characters and their changes whereas 7 seasons will do that. TNG, DS9, and VOY accomplished that. TOS was too short to achieve that, ENT was cut short just as character were starting to blossom. Bottom line, there is far more to look forward to with this new series than there is to oppose it based on these rumours. Still, serialized, new crew, new era each season would not by my first choice as a fan. Who knows, could be fun!

    • Elliott Lockwood

      Totally with you. Prime universe is a good call, and I can get excited about the years between Undiscovered Country and TNG. I, too, would rather have post-Nemesis because it’s an open book (actually, you can open lots of books to find out what happens). But this is still good.

  • Patrick_Gerard

    There was one instance of a hybrid TNG/WoK costume. Granted, it was an admiral and the hybridization was more visible from the rear (it had the WoK rear piping) but I would kinda dig it if they made a stab at a uniform like this with higher production values rather than a straight WoK uniform. And maybe a turtleneck, which Roddenberry wasn’t always keen on (but which made the uniforms look so much better IMHO).

    • OphidianJaguar

      There are a few more instances of uniform transitions from the TWOK era to the TNG era.

      TNG episode Yesterday’s Enterprise. Uniform no longer had the puffy division collar.

      And the TNG episode Family. Uniform now used communicators rather than starfleet emblem broach and no belt.

      Personally I’m not a fan of either modification. The TWOK uniform looked best with a collar, belt and TWOK starfleet chest broach.

      • Patrick_Gerard

        I would like to see a proper inbetween niform adopted.

        I can see them going for the gimmick of setting it 50 years after TOS. That makes it realtime. It lets them use TOS actors in the first season at least. The next year (since they’re talking anthology format) could be set 30 years after the debut of TNG and use TNG actors at their actual ages in supporting roles.

        But I’d be all for them creating an intermediary uniform even if it’s a little retcon happy. The slick military tailoring of the WoK uniform with the simple division colors and black yoke/trim of the TNG uniforms starting to creep in, if only subtly. Maybe some padding details or whatever. The new uniform — if it is new — would likely have to take into account that it’s designed to be viewed in HD.

        A couple of interesting/convenient things:

        50 years after TOS would be circa the Cardassian occupation of Bajor. 30 years after the first TNG episode would be seven years after the destruction of Romulus. So there are some important elements you could deal with that we’ve never really seen. Real worldbuilding stuff that bridges the eras.

  • Captain Jon

    I’ve often felt that an anthology series would work well for Star Trek. You could get a wide variety of stories and themes and avoid the show becoming stale. You would also be able to shift time periods and maybe even feature actors from other series! You also have the potential to bring in some big name actors who would only want to do a season or two. I like the sound of this!

  • A.H

    I wonder which actors they will cast.

    • The Chadwick

      Same. I hope they are able to cast a few bigger name actors rather than unknowns as Star Trek usually does.

  • Arron Bubba Ratcliff

    Well this gives me hope.I look forward to more news as it becomes available

  • ScottGilbert

    Still, the show not being on broadcast TV is really going to hurt viewership. I don’t think that people will pay CBS $10 a month just to watch this show. I know I won’t, unless the premiere on CBS TV is UTTERLY INCREDIBLE.

    • Arron Bubba Ratcliff

      i’m all ready a member of cbs all access it’s 5.99 a month and it lets me watch all of cbs’s current shows and a lot of classic shows on any device plus they live stream programs from there local stations and some sports. depending on the area. so it’s not really a bad deal the only shows i even watched on TV were cbs shows any way so picking up all access let me cut the cable and save seventy bucks a month. they have a free week long trial go check it out. also i assume they will add more and more content from their classics vault and as new shows go in to production.

      • ScottGilbert

        Ok, I was wrong by $4 a month… Still, I get all of my TV over the air or through a full blown computer just for the TV. Using the computer, I can go to and stream their shows. Besides, Star Trek on a 4″ phone screen or a 10″ pad screen isn’t going to cut it…

    • The Magic Christian

      If the show is successful. CBS would be crazy not to air it on TV.

  • Duncan Webb

    If this is true, I LOVE that it`ll have nothing to do with the foul abramstrash, but disappointed that it won`t be a post-24th Century series. I`ll still check it out, though.

  • Patrick_Gerard

    My preference would be:

    Season 1: 50-ish years after the first episode of TOS (realtime for any actors).
    Season 2: 30-ish years after the first episode of TNG (realtime for the actors).
    Season 3: 20-ish years after the first episode of Enterprise, featuring President Archer.

  • LibsAreWrong

    Putting JJ in charge of the last 2 films and changing the timeline was the worst mistake ever made to Trek and I think they realize that now. I think Beyond will be the last movie.

  • M N

    Anthology and before TNG??? Yep, smoking their something but not the good stuff. For any new Star Trek series to work it has to be set after all the other series otherwise the “trek tech” will not look right. That’s what got the series Enterprise. It was suppose to be set before the original, but the “trek tech” was ahead of the original Star Trek of the 60s in terms of look and abilities. Plus, all the time travel that they want to throw around now, surprised they didn’t pickup Enterprises Temporal Cold War. That would have made more sense and allowed them to “jump around” logically.

  • revwillie

    And of Michael Piller ?

    • tom tom

      He died back in 2005 🙁

  • Christopher Kelley

    If it’s set after VI, am I the only one who wants it to be set on the Excelsior?

  • Not what I expected, but wouldn’t mind revisiting the TOS-Film era with modern film effects.