Star Trek 2017 Teaser Spotted At Cannes

An official teaser poster for the upcoming Star Trek television show was spotted this week at the MIPTV International Television Trade Show during Cannes Film Festival in France.

Very similar to the “promotional poster” that made headlines two weeks ago, the poster features a Star Trek logo, reminiscent of The Original Series, against a purple space field and the text “Boldly Going In 2017” below it.

The new TV show poster along with a square promotional flat for Justin Lin’s Star Trek Beyond were both first reported by TrekCore. You can check out both posters below.

The new series, produced by CBS Television Studios, will launch in early 2017 with a broadcast TV special on CBS. The first episode and all subsequent episodes will be exclusively shown in the US on the video streaming service CBS All Access.

Alex Kurtzman, Bryan Fuller and Rod Roddenberry have been announced as executive producers, with Nicholas Meyer (director of The Wrath of Khan and The Undiscovered Country and co-writer of The Voyage Home) is serving as a writer and consulting producer

Star Trek 2017 Poster
Star Trek 2017 Poster
Star Trek Beyond poster
Star Trek Beyond poster

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  • Anders tn

    So great to see them pissing on all the European fans with this US only bullshit

    • j4m3S

      Then you would be wrong, The show is being sold to ALL major TV networks (well the ones who pay) so its not USA only

      • Anders tn

        Well very few shows sold to ALL major TV networks reach Europe, most just hit the UK and then spend a year or two trickling down to the rest of us. With a domestic market of 4.5 million people Norway is rarely on the forefront of appropriating new shows. Some notable exceptions exist though such as Game of Thrones, and others run with a slight delay such as Vikings.

    • Nytegaunt

      Oh no … you misunderstand. It is exclusive in the US on their new pay extra “CBS All Access”. For the rest of the world it will come with your regular CBS service. Rest easy, only we in the US are being screwed.

      • Anders tn

        I’m pretty sure there is no regular CBS service in Europe. Chances are I would have to wait until it’s sold to Netflix or a local broadcaster. However by then a slight dip in US viewers may have cancelled it altogether. So often you end up spotting something great on Netflix, or any of the other streaming services, only to discover that the American TV company has cancelled it already due to low domestic ratings despite hardly trying to sell it abroad at all 🙁

        • OphidianJaguar