Neil deGrasse Tyson: The Enterprise Would Wipe Its Ass With The Millennium Falcon

In the latest episode of National Geographic’s Star Talk, host Neil deGrasse Tyson is asked to choose between Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon from Star Wars and Captain Kirk’s original Enterprise from Star Trek. Answering the question, the astrophysicist made no bones about his choice.

“Oh my god. That’s easy — The Enterprise. There’s no question.” said Tyson.

“The Enterprise has the benefit of being… real — in the sense that there are real scientists and real engineers on the ship, monitoring its engine, its warp drive, its photon torpedoes. So it’s fake real. The Millennium Falcon is just fake fake. It’s just part of a fantasy in storytelling in Star Wars.”

Tyson went on to point out how the Enterprise is unlike any other fictional space vessel.

“It is the first ever space ship, represented in storytelling, that was not designed to go from one place to another. It was only designed to explore.”

“In a battle, the Enterprise would just wipe its ass with the Millennium Falcon.”

Which ship do you think would be victorious in a one-on-one battle? Tell us in the comments below.

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  • Aw, he was adorable, especially at the end, wondering if he could actually say “wipe its ass with.” You rock, Mr. Tyson!

  • sirald66

    I am surprised he didn’t break it down to weapon and deflective energy, aside from haul strength and tactical weaknesses.

  • Dasjerm

    Depends. If it’s the JJ Enterprise, sure the Enterprise since JJ “Star Wars’d” the Enterprise anyway to make it so much more powerful and it fires a billion photon torpedoes a second. BUT if it’s the 60’s Enterprise, the Falcon would run rings around it, showering it with laser blasts making a mockery of the crew trying to keep up with it. Han and Chewie would laugh and high five while the Enterprise crew burns and dies.

    • You do know that lasers would do absolutely nothing to the Enterprise… It has shields.

      • Alexander

        You do realize that the Falcon doesn’t have capital ship batteries only point defence batteries? The enterprise would constitute a capital ship and thus a small freighter would not be of much use in ship to ship combat. and I don’t envy any boarding party that attempts to beam aboard the falcon. redshirts red blood and arms everywhere

      • Eric Nirschel

        Lasers in Star Wars are actually plasma with some positively absurd output; its a moot point, though, because the Falcon is literally a cargo hauler. It’d be like a battleship taking on a fishing boat.

  • Not only would the Enterprise wipe its ass with the Millennium Falcon, but the Enterprise is gorgeous, whereas the Millennium Falcon looks like a shapeless lump of metal.

  • Joe Balaich

    Don’t be too proud of this technological debate you’ve constructed. The ability to destroy the Millennium Falcon with the USS Enterprise is insignificant next to the power of the Force.

  • Alexander

    Of course the Enterprise would win, its designed for deep space exploration and part of that is self defence, The Falcon has two sets of quad cannons and a bank of missiles that’s it. Its used to haul cargo and freight, not explore deep space. If you compare a US Coast Guard Cutter with a tug boat of course the freaking ship decked out for combat would be superior in a fight. If you were to race the two ships which would win, the Falcon. Don’t judge a goat by its ability to climb a tree, even if the goat can get up there pretty high, the monkey will be better at it.

    • mrfridays

      In a race the Enterprise would easily win. Warp speed is faster than light speed, while the Falcon’s highest velocity is just light speed.

      • Alexander

        Oh they use the slang lightspeed for hyper space. the falcon traverses the span of the galaxy in three weeks
        its in the books. Warp is faster that Light speed, but it is not, even at 10 capable of traversing the expanse of alpha quadrant let alone the galaxy in three weeks

        • Herbert Bossman

          You’re assuming the Star Wars galaxy is the same size as the Milky Way. Star Wars happened long ago far away when galaxies were in an earlier smaller state

          • Alexander


            The Star Wars Galaxy is approx 100k light years across

            the milky way is Approx 100k light years across.

            I reiterate The Falcon and they Hyper-Drive systems in Star wars are more efficient and proficient than those used by the Star trek Universe.

            1 Point to the star trek warp is they are not as affected by a gravity well

        • Neil

          By definition, warp 10 is infinite velocity. But I do believe they have misused this on occasion. It’s on sort of a logarithmic-ish scale.
          But apart from that, yes, the falcon is much faster then any iteration of the Enterprise.

          • Alexander

            The interesting thing is the Hyper drive Technology works on a very similar scale, the closer a ships hyperdrive gets to zero, the faster it is. and zero is infinite, occupying all points in space simultaneously. then I think it just becomes a TARDIS

  • chalvo

    Don’t see why we couldn’t have both?
    I mean, with the Enterprise, we could simply have an engineering team build a Millennium falcon, and park it nicely in a shuttle bay 🙂

    • Alexander

      I like that, Han would probably be upset since its not his baby tho

  • Robert Allsbrook

    The very first “Enterprise” that we see in The Original Series was capable of laying siege to an ENTIRE PLANET: By Itself. This is just the power of one Constitution class Star Ship.

    In Star Trek, the Death Star would be a huge waste of any effort put in to it. The front line starships fielded by the various powers of the Milky Way were far smaller, but so many more time powerful than that Christmas Tree ornament that is named “Death Star”.

    Forget the “‘Falcon”. It’s just a two man freighter AT BEST.