‘Voyager’ Actress Jennifer Lien Arrested for Indecent Exposure

Jennifer Lien, who played “Kes” the Ocampa medical assistant in the first three seasons of “Star Trek: Voyager” was arrested on September 3 for indecent exposure.

Lien, who recently turned 41, was arrested at her home in Harriman, Tennessee on September 3. According to deputies, Lien had an active warrant in Roane County on two counts of exposing herself to a child under the age of 13.

In a strange twist to an already unsettling story, while delivering a Detainer Summons, Lien allegedly yelled to the deputies to come in after they arrived at her residence. Deputies said Lien was on a couch only covered by a blanket. When they told her about the warrant, Lien is said to have told the deputies that they needed to leave her alone. After repeatedly asking her to put on clothes, Lien is said to have them she would have all of them shot and killed, according to the police report.

With a bond set at $2,500, she is currently at the Roane County Detention Facility.

Lien’s criminal history includes aggravated assault, resisting arrest, evading arrest and reckless endangerment in April. She is scheduled to appear in court on December 7.

Jennifer Lien's Mugshot
Jennifer Lien’s Mugshot

We’ve embedded the report from WATE 6 below.

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  • Forrest


  • Brandon Coppin

    I never liked her… Was glad she got booted off the show.

    • Adrian M. Kleinbergen

      Then this must have just made your day .

    • JC

      The next time something bad happens in your life, remember the ill will you wished on this woman. That sh!t comes back around to bite you in the @ss. Have a lovely day, ya’ll.

      • derp

        No it doesn’t.

        • nelly0042

          Your name fits you well.

      • Brandon Coppin

        To clarify, I didn’t wish her ill. I just don’t care for her acting ability. And based on her career, neither did the rest of the world.

      • vice86

        What ill will was wished on her? He said he didn’t like her on the show. Way to twist his words.

        • JC

          He already clarified his statement. MYOB.

          • vice86

            lol…who do you think you are..comment section moderator? GFY.

          • JC

            “lol…who do you think you are..comment section moderator? GFY.”

  • Tony Camacho

    Set your phasers to “Crazy”

    • bstnfeeparty

      Mine have already been set to “STUNNED”

      …and “wwtf”

  • Cheech

    Why do they keep saying “she”?

  • That’s sad to hear.

  • MrFister

    2500 only? hell, ill bond her out, for services rendered

    • It’s more telling that it’s only $2500 and yet she’s still stuck in jail.

      • bstnfeeparty

        Replicators dont make US$


  • Chromedbustop

    And people complained when she left and Seven-of-Nine came in.

    • bstnfeeparty

      I cant wait to she what SHE’S arrested for!

      ( faint frapping sounds…caused by Chinese bird exercising it’s wings)

  • rushmoon

    What an ugly woman

    • bstnfeeparty

      OR moderately not ugly man

  • Papa Bear

    What in the world happened to her?!?!?!?!?

    • bstnfeeparty

      ^ I believe sir, instead of “world” you mean “UNIVERSE”


      • Papa Bear

        Very good, I stand corrected!

    • john

      It’s called mental illness….unchecked

      • Edith Spencer

        YUP. Just like any other person who has mental illness and does not know how get help or even know to get help. She does not look good because she is not being cared for properly. And there may be substance abuse issues as well.

        • Terry Hanson

          I think you hit the nail on the head.

          • Edith Spencer

            🙁 I just want to know where is spouse and her children?

        • unusualmind

          it’s the very first sign of mental illness. You are completely correct. And Tenessee is not all that well known for their helping mentally ill individuals. In fact people who are from Tenessee and mentally ill come here to Illinois to receive treatment (And our system in Illinois isn’t all that great either.)

          • Edith Spencer

            SO many states have limited resources to help the mentally ill…and it does not help that mental illness, especially in this materialistic, cruel society, is stigmatized!

          • unusualmind

            And usually when there are cutbacks, funding for programs that help the mentally ill are cut first and deepest.

          • nelly0042

            Well, they can probably spell Tennessee in Tennessee (or at least notice the red squiggly line underneath indicating a misspelling).

          • unusualmind

            Sorry Bud. I don’t have spell check. Besides why would you comment on a grammatical error when what I said for both states is factually true?

          • nelly0042

            Why would you argue about your misspelling when I’m factually correct?

          • unusualmind

            Not arguing. Asking a question.

            Edit: Oh, I see. You’re a troll.

          • bstnfeeparty

            The other question to ask is, who givesashit, because, you know “Tenassee!”

          • nelly0042

            Another question to ask is why the regional prejudice on your part?

          • It wasn’t prejudice. It was based on the poster’s experience. But I will be sure not to misspell Tennessee, ever. Or Massachusetts, for that matter.

          • nelly0042

            Glad to contribute to your education.

          • I’m not sure you did. I think I already knew how to spell Tennessee, but I didn’t realise people were so touchy about it.

          • nelly0042

            OK, so let me see if I’ve got this.
            First, you’ve gone through some sort of personality swap with unusualmind, the original poster who made the spelling error. Is this swap like that which occurred between Captain Kirk and Dr. Janice Lester in Turnabout Intruder on the original Star Trek series, or is it more like that which occurred between Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan in Freaky Friday?
            Second, in this swapped personality state you “think” you knew how to spell Tennessee, but for some strange reason you decide to spell it incorrectly. Is this a consequence of the personality swap? Is there some sort of battle of wills going on? In fact, is this an actual personality swap, or do you take over the other person? Is this like when Captain Kirk let himself be controlled by the alien being Sargon in Return to Tomorrow, or is this more violent like when the demon takes control over Linda Blair in the Exorcist, resulting in a conflict between you and the other occupant? If the latter, is the misspelling some attempt to call for help from the other trapped occupant?
            Or is there a simpler explanation. You couldn’t resist butting in and acting like a derp.

          • bstnfeeparty

            See above.

            Have you even been to that state???

            I have!

          • nelly0042

            Yes. Many times.
            Since you promote yourself as some authority, I guess you had to avail yourself if their mental health services. Don’t judge their obvious failure with you as an indicator of the whole system. After all, some people are too far gone.

          • nelly0042

            Seems your definition of “troll” is anyone who takes you to task on an issue.
            No, unusual one, not a troll. Just someone who would rather see data accompanying an assertion such as yours.
            You state: “Tenessee [sic] is not all that well known for their helping mentally ill individuals.”
            According to a 2009 report from the National Alliance on Mental Illness, “Tennessee has been a national leader in supportive housing for the mentally ill.”
            That alone pretty much negates your claim.
            It’s true that they’ve had severe budget cuts, but then so too have many other states, as you yourself noted. Your beloved Illinois has had cuts of 32% from its total general fund mental health budget from 2009 to 2012, and the state has a “severe shortage” of mental health workers, especially in state psychiatric hospitals.
            From what I can glean, Tennessee and Illinois are at best equals in their state of mental health care.

            Edit: But I see you’re more about bluster than substance.

          • bestis2come

            Whoa Nelly!
            From Wikipedia: In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion,[3] often for their own amusement.
            You just can’t stop, can you? Well, the definition fits your writing. In fact you made others so upset, some responses to you had to be deleted. And you’re a Trek fan? Take a breath, or two…

          • nelly0042

            Sorry, dumbfuq, but I didn’t comment to cause discord; I commented to post a different opinion. You’re just a pinhead who tries to silence opposing views by hurling accusations of trolling. Simply put, you lack the mental skills to offer any substantial rebuttal. And hilarious that it took you a month to forge a response.

          • bestis2come


          • nelly0042

            Thanks for proving my point that you lack the mental acumen to pose a rational rebuttal, dimwit.

    • druidana

      My thought! I also thought, surely these two pix are not THE SAME person?!!

      • Papa Bear

        I can see the resemblance, but wow, it just seems so out of character for her. Everywhere else I read that she is normally a very sweet person, not totally unlike her character on Voyager.

      • Renny Tingling

        Hard to believe…What used to be a beauty turned into unrecognisable…

    • Renny Tingling

      What a waste

  • RON


  • Max Stone

    This is sad .

  • Michelle

    It might be more productive to try and have sympathy for someone who seems to need help, rather than make negative comments about her appearance.

    • Jon P

      How does sympathy on a message board produce actual help for someone? Hashtags never rescued the girls in Nigeria did they?

      • Michelle

        Sympathy makes us better people.

        • GC001

          I would tend to agree with you, Michelle…

          The ugliness that I see daily online is amazing.
          There’s no sympathy for people, and not much forgiveness.

          This woman is clearly sick…

          A good thought or two, or a prayer for a fellow human being is not a bad thing.

          It shouldn’t matter whether she was on a national TV series or not. She’s a parent, and I bet you her kid will be hurting, too…

          • Buskie Boy

            Well said. Your comment is an island of caring and love in a sea of vicious, toxic thoughts. These people should be careful.
            “There but for the Grace of God go I.”

          • Omegaman


          • Omegaman

            Oh shut the hell up moron

          • JC

            I think it’s obvious who the moron is here…and it’s not GC001.

        • JCat_NY

          Glad there are still people like you on earth, as opposed those who make comments like “she’s ugly”. What’s ugly are those comments. The women is obviously not well – or she wouldn’t have done something so bizarre.

        • Fenrox


        • Omegaman

          Go f yourself twit.

          • JC

            You’re the twit, Omegainfant.

        • Jon P

          So you’re better than everyone else?

          • Rick Shultz

            No, she’s not. And I don’t think she would claim to be. I can tell you one thing. She’s a better person than you will EVER be, you hydrocephalic moron. You are one of several million people this planet could do without very nicely.

          • Jon P

            LOL thanks for proving my point

        • nelly0042

          Sympathy when posted as a comment in an internet discussion seems more just about making one feel good about oneself. It’s just a bit of show saying “see what a nice person I am.” I mean, I’m sorry that her life has gone so horribly awry, but I’m not going to congratulate myself for having the feeling.

    • Rodney Garza

      Outside appearance is irrelevant in this case. She is even uglier on the inside. Her past shows a pattern (aggravated assault, resisting arrest, evading arrest and reckless endangerment). Perhaps doing some prison time and registering as a sex offender will wake her up so she can get the help she desperately needs.

      • Buskie Boy

        I beg to disagree. Her outrageous and troubling appearance is a huge cry for help. Her violent actions and drastic change of personality and appearance suggest some inner demons and VERY low self esteem. Perhaps from her failure to return to acting or more personal reasons. I DO AGREE that some kind of incarceration is needed to REALLY get her the help she so desperately needs.
        She doesn’t need punishment but compassion and care.

        • RegmoX

          Incarceration only makes people worse, it doesn’t make them better. Access to resources are severely restricted inside prison.

          • Rick Shultz

            I absolutely agree. Incarceration, unless it is absolutely necessary to prevent a person from harming him or her self is detrimental in the extreme. It is much more harmful than helpful and the usual outcome is that it causes the person who NEEDS the help to resist more than ever.

          • Rodney Garza

            I suppose the same applies to Jared Fogle of Subway. He just needs psychiatric help too? As I stated, she is a repeat offender. Even some county jail time will wake her up. And there are 12 step meetings in prison and jails. She should be placed in a program that involves anger management classes, and therapy, after serving some time. Only she can admit that she has a problem before she gets better.

      • Rick Shultz

        Since when would prison and being put on a sex offender registry over a misdemeanor help her? Psychiatric treatment would help her. Punishment would definitely not.

    • nelly0042

      Well, to be fair, I don’t think many if any here will have any direct contact with her or those involved. Gawking is pretty much all one can do. It’s possible to note how profoundly her appearance has changed and be sympathetic at the same time.

  • Just me

    As a recovering Tennesseean … I can say… This pretty much sums up TN.
    (With the exception of Nash-vegas, Tn is a festering pit of self loathing, drug abuse, and poverty)

    I am sorry for the loss of her dignity and potential.

    • JC

      As a current and lifelong Tennessean, I do NOT loathe myself, use any kind of illicit drugs or narcotics, and I have worked for most of my life and make a decent living. The same is true for my friends and family. There are people with the problems you ascribe to Tennesseans rampant in EVERY state, for example…where did you say YOU live…?

      • Just me

        I left that festering hole called West TN 10 years ago and since then have done all I can to get everyone out that I can.
        Unless you live in Middle TN (which I excluded in my reference), and possibly Knoxville, I hold to my comment.
        If you are as you say, then you are the exception, not the rule.
        And I didn’t say where I live now, because it’s irrelevant to the conversation

        • Rick Shultz

          Well if you saw that much of the behavior you’re talking about then must have been part of it so it’s probably a good thing you left before somebody shot your sorry ass. Good Riddance.

          • Just me

            Typical good ole boy. So steeped in the water you don’t realize it’s boiling. It’s trash like you that makes me so glad I got out of that festering puddle of crap.
            Enjoy living in your cesspool … dirtbag.

    • Rick Shultz

      Tennessee is a beautiful state. I was born and raised here and there is NOTHING wrong in Tennessee that is not wrong in EVERY STATE IN THIS UNION. If you think it’s THAT bad then why don’t you just GET OUT. It’s not like we need you or anything.

  • Robert Christopher Hayes

    God, throw the book at her!

  • Leonardo DaVinci Barnette

    Very sad to hear.She’s obviously in need of “help”. I’m equally saddened by the cruel, insensitive, comments I’m reading. Ignorance is far worse than the obvious breakdown she’s suffering. smh

    • Christina Lewis

      I agree!

  • ksoma

    she’s only 41! talk about going down hill fast!
    how do you go from 24, cute as a button, and a successful actress, to 41, looking like a man/meth addict and looking like you live in a trailer park?

    • Jon P

      Half of women lose their looks at 35 let alone 41 outside of Hollywood. People just get used to see Hollywood’s plastic surgery circus and think all women can look 20 at the age 50.

    • Edith Spencer

      The answer is in your question!
      You saw her at 24, at the height of her looks and potential. But to keep up those looks, it takes MONEY- for diet, for skincare, for exercise, for hair. YOu need a career erning a lot of money to stay that cute. And Ms. Lien’s career pretty much seems to have been dry for quite some time now- plus it seems like she is quite mentally ill.

      • Boo Hoo

        It’s weird…the last time I’d heard anything about her, she was in a couple movies after Voyager, then she decided to “retire” from acting to go back to college and also to raise her kids. What the hell happened to all THAT, is what I want to know. How did we get from there to here. So much that we’re not hearing, I believe.

        • Edith Spencer

          A LOT CAN HAPPEN.
          Mental illness can develop in many of the small, incremental ways that cancer in the body. I am sure that Ms. Lien had all those goals, and was living that life.. but then things may have fallen apart for her. And you are right- we simply do not have a full story!

    • Rick Shultz

      If you stereotype people according to where you THINK they live, and how you THINK they live just because of their appearance then you’re just as much of a dumba$$ bigot as any other racist idiot.

  • Jon P

    What did Mel Gibson look like at forty one years old? 41 years old and women complain they’re age discriminated against in Hollywood.

  • A.L.

    God,she’s UGLY!

    • JCat_NY

      That could be your mother or sister one day so think before type..

  • JPuck

    She was my favorite Voyager actor. Those first few seasons were so much better than the last.

  • Teva Bruce


    • unusualmind

      Same here.

    • Omegaman


      • Teva Bruce


      • Teva Bruce


      • Teva Bruce


  • Never liked her anyway – Seven was so much better than Kes – such an annoying character… Lived for what? A decade?

    Lack of imagination on the part of the writers – seriously… no civilization would be much more than mindless drones if they lived for such a short period of time.

    Guess she had to go to extremes to get fans —-

  • bobbie

    Mommy. Who is that scary Man?

  • RkyGriz

    She was so beautiful when she was on the show. Flash forward to today and she looks like a bull dyke. WTF happened to her since she left Voyager?

  • T Russell Morris

    So she gets pissed off, has a fight with a neighbor and flashes the neighbor, bad idea to do it with kids present..lol As to her herself, yeah she does appear to look quite rough I was shocked with that hair. Where’s her husband and kids, she got married after the show to an Asian guy and had some kiddies. where is he and her kids I’m wondering. Jeez, what a shocker. My eyes bulged out when I saw it on FB trending..lol AS an episode of Voyager (The killing game) happens to be playing at same time on my son’s comp next to mine..lmao. wow

  • Dennis Willman


  • unclesam328

    What to see in Tennessee? To boldly go….? Not a good look for her.

  • Commenterio

    Perhaps she would benefit if Star Trek fans could get together a fundraiser of some kind.

    • Buskie Boy

      Perhaps some of the Star Trek alum could intervene and help her.
      I’d love to see that. She is obviously suffering and mentally unbalanced
      and ill. I believe she was married to a MUCH older man that used to abuse
      her and they had many fights where the police were called.
      It’s so disgusting and appalling reading all these horrible comments.
      Even the way she looks is a sign that she has deep issues and needs professional
      help. I’d even like to see media whores like Dr. Phil or Dr. Drew could offer some help?

  • I really liked her, this is so sad.

  • Sir Cuss

    Isn’t this the 2nd medical assistant from Vger to completely lose it? ( http://www.aetv.com/intervention/video/linda ) ???

  • JBIRD1

    Hope she gets the help she needs. I loved watching her on Voyager.

  • Timothy Steele

    I’d bang her still.

  • DukeJW

    Sounds just like bipolar gal in these parts doing a similar thing to adults. What a sicko this start trek voyager minion is.

  • Randy E Henaire

    Wow!….Back in the day when she was on Voyager…I allway’s thought she would make for a real good “work-bench”………man did she get UGLY.!!!!!!!!

    • Aine Mc

      No-one cares what your dick thinks.


    So sad and tragic.

  • Richard Berman

    She looks like slingblade now.

  • Frank Velazquez

    Beam me up scotty….oh wait scotty is dead. Oh fuck it.

  • shesbenevolent

    You need to proof read

  • Adrian M. Kleinbergen

    That’s really sad…

  • nat4dai

    I thought she was a brilliant actress in some Voyager episodes. I can see here she needs a lot of support. Hopefully her family can help her.

  • Aine Mc

    Apparently not being sexy is the worst crime a woman can commit.

  • Laura Cristina Rigg

    She has a mental health issues, she needs help not nasty comments. How do you think she feels?

  • Michael Blanchette


  • JC

    The only reason most of the commenters here care anything about this poor unfortunate individual is because of her former celebrity status. It’s so easy to sit in front of your computers and criticize her life and her situation without knowing how she got where she is. She obviously has some psychiatric problems and most likely drug or alcohol addiction. I’ll bet there isn’t a single person here who doesn’t have at least one family member with the same issues. So have some compassion, people. It doesn’t cost you anything to speak kindly about someone or to wish them well when they fall from grace. You never know when it could be you that people are making fun of and insulting. No one is young forever and life takes its toll on all of us. Remember, what goes around, comes around. Karma is a b!tch with a big stick who loves to bring your meanness right back home to you and poke you in the eye with it.

    • Rick Shultz

      This might very possibly be the most thoughtful and sensible comment of the whole bunch. People are terribly quick to criticize and make nasty comments about folks who are down on their luck or the innocent victim of a mental disorder that can ruin their lives. Very few people and certainly no one in this forum seems to want to admit that, except for the grace of God,it COULD be them in that situation. Civility and compassion are practically gone from this society now. I don’t know what happened to wither one, but the lack of both will be the eventual downfall of this country.

  • Pamela Simowitz-Weber

    OH MY!

  • Maecl Lourde Romaneo

    It’s Que, he’s warped her mind.

  • Renny Tingling

    What a change…I liked Kes…

  • George Gourlay

    There must be something going wrong in her life nowadays and we are not hearing of her husband going to bail her out.. Also i would not have believed that was Jennifer Lien, i wonder what she has been doing to herself, she looks totally different…

  • Von Russell

    I can save her. I just need an away team.

  • Norrlandspatriot

    I have friends in Tennessee and they are honest people without any problems with the law so don’t throw dirt on Tennessee.
    In fact, if I would live in the US, I rather live in Tennessee than in the greedy, cocaine-infested LA-Hellywood hellhole area.
    Besides that, I’ m angry and sick over the lack of compassion some idiots show about this subject.

  • Sean Baby

    OK, I always found her SO WHIPPING on Voyager, but I wouldn’t wish this upon anyone. Maybe now she’ll get help. I wonder if this will appear on trekmovie.

  • Rick Shultz

    People are terribly quick to criticize and make nasty comments about folks who are down on their luck or the innocent victim of a mental disorder that can ruin their lives. Very few people and certainly no one in this forum seems to want to admit that, except for the grace of God, it COULD be them in that situation. Civility and compassion are practically gone from this society now. I don’t know what happened to either one, but the lack of both, along with the even worse bane of political correctness will be the eventual downfall of this country.

  • Travis James

    I always liked Kes and the episode, “Before and After” is considered one of Star Trek’s Top 5 time travel episodes. It was the producers that was f+cking the show up, not Lien. She was such a beautiful woman. I genuinely wouldn’t be surprised to hear that she committed suicide. Her final speech in the episode, “Fury” really is chilling when factored with this and her other problems.

  • Adrian NB

    My god she looks a right frumpy old bint now!!!

    • Cabo 5150

      What a hateful, idiotic, asinine comment.

      I just can’t believe the truly astonishing and crass insensitivity of this and many of the other posts in this thread.

      What if she reads this (however unlikely)? Do you think your snide, catty comment and astounding lack of empathy would help someone who’s clearly in a very dark place at the moment?

      • Adrian NB

        I’m sorry I don’t remember asking for your opinion. So piss off!!

        • Cabo 5150

          Wow, what a class act you are.

          I don’t need to be “asked” to post on an open discussion forum designed to, umm, express opinions.

          If you don’t like it, perhaps you should think harder before you post hateful bile from behind your keyboard.

          Aggressiveness and swearing at me will not deter me from challenging you, sir. It merely exposes the weakness of your position and your apparent inability to defend it.

          • Adrian NB

            Yeah whatever. If you say so

          • Cabo 5150

            I do indeed, thank you.

  • David Herman

    I want cast reactions!!

  • Tory Ervin

    That is sad to hear. Hope she gets herself together, and I wish her the best. Only if she was as sensual as her character was on the show.

  • S_

    I feel leery of posting this, as I don’t want it taken as gossip, and I don’t show-off my associations with famous people (yeah, I’ve known some; they’re just people). I met Jennifer in New York City, in 1992, in a casual home setting. (At the time, she was acting on the daytime TV drama “Another World.”) I chatted with her for quite a while, and was really impressed with her intelligence, insightfulness, sensitivity and wit – so much so that, from that one meeting, she remained to me “one of those people” who’d made an enduring impression on me as special. She seemed to have this “light” inside her. While talking with her, I’d assumed that she were about 24 years old, but I later learned that she was only 17. She seemed that “advanced.”

    So, 23 years later – this in the news. Given the way that Jennifer had stuck in my memory, this report has been subtly messing with my head. Sadness is just one of the feelings. I know that a lot can happen, and a person can change much, in a couple decades, but Jennifer was one of the people who’ve inspired me for years afterward just from a single meeting with them. I hope that somehow that positivity might come back around to her and bring her happiness and peace.

  • Steven Morrell

    It sounds a lot like Bipolar disorder. Margo Kidder the Superman actress did something similar. Also Linda Hamilton, of Terminator.

    Looking at her current picture, does she remind anyone else of one of the shape changing founders from Star Trek: Deep Space 9 ???


    Whoa…she almost looks like furiosa from Mad Max fury Road. I feel bad for her. She obviously has mental issues.

  • Arthur Vallejo

    Mental illness

  • Davaughn Wistrom

    Dang!!!! She went from gorgeous to downright shmugly! What the heck happened to her?

  • j

    I hope that Jennifer gets help.

    I have a friend that has PTSD (from being gang raped at the age of 16 along with sexual abuse while being in supposed support care and then raped again by a boyfriend when she left) and the pictures of Jennifer are eerily similar to my friends. She cuts her hair short when she can not cope with life.

    I know Jennifer has been through a lot in her life. Drugs, a friend dying because of drugs. Alcohol etc.

    I for one liked her acting and her portrayal of Kes.

    I hope that she can get help from a good support group and gets the love and care that she needs to at least have the chance to handle life better.

    Love to you Jennifer. Please get help. I care about you.

  • Terry B

    Talk about needing an alternate career path when plan “A” goes bad …. Holy Moly!

  • Matty Royds

    She’s obviously suffering from mental illness