Patrick Stewart: Politicians Should Watch More Star Trek

Sir Patrick Stewart has a suggestion for politicians: watch more “Star Trek” to become a better role model.

Stewart, who appeared at the Las Vegas Star Trek convention and attended the premiere of his new show “Blunt Talk” in Los Angeles last week, stopped by HuffPost Live on Wednesday.

“I wish that politicians would spend more time watching ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation,’ because unlike my predecessor, Captain James T. Kirk, Jean-Luc Picard believed first and foremost in negotiation,” Stewart said. “He was a diplomat before he was a warrior — talk, talk, talk and keep on talking. And I think that would be a great message for the world to absorb because people don’t have to die to achieve a satisfactory solution to anything.” he added.

You can watch the video embedded below.

“Blunt Talk” premieres on Starz on August 22.

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  • If more politicians listened to Star Trek they wouldn’t be trying to turn America into a Christian Theocracy.

  • Krazy Joe

    Ted Cruz is a huge Trek fan! One of the MANY reasons he’ll have my vote!

    • The Fox

      Ted Cruz is a JJ fan which is not star trek….. because that shit is just as stupid as him.

  • belaglik

    There aren’t many politicians in the Star Trek canon, but what there are always seemed to be as clueless or corrupt as the ones we have now.