RUMOR: Universal Orlando Eyeing ‘Star Trek’-Themed Attraction

Since the closing of Star Trek: The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton in 2008, there’s been an absence of a permanent Trek-themed attraction of any kind in the US. As rumor has it, this could change in the coming years, as Universal Studios looks to replace the aging Shrek 4D attraction at their Orlando, Florida resort.

Star Trek Attraction Coming To Universal Orlando?

According to Attractions Magazine a rumor currently circulating is that while How to Train Your Dragon was originally being considered as a replacement for Shrek 4D, Star Trek is at the top of Universal’s list as a potential successor.

According to the article, early speculation is that “guests would take the role of Starfleet Academy cadets and join the USS Enterprise on an expedition.”

It’s not out of the realm of possibility for Universal to license the Star Trek brand from Paramount, as they’ve worked out similar deals for popular characters and properties from rival studios who don’t operate theme parks themselves. Some examples include Sony’s Columbia Pictures’ Ghostbusters and Men in Black and 20th Century Fox’s The Simpsons.

With the next film of the rebooted franchise slated for a July 2016 release, the Universal attraction would almost definitely be centered around J.J. Abrams’ new incarnation of Star Trek.

Stay tuned to for more as information becomes available.

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  • Duncan Webb

    If it`s based on what Mr Roddenberry created and Mr Berman continued (aka Star Trek), it`ll be a hit. If it`s based on the garbage that Abrams created (aka Star Fraud), it`ll be a massive flop.

  • Chris Gurney

    No not the Jar Jar Abrams version, anything but that lump of utter bull….

  • Rob Thomas

    Should be based on The Prime Universe not The Reboot….

  • van archer

    If it’s based on the garbage that Abrams and company have made, I won’t bother to go.
    I can only hope it fails on a huge scale.
    On the other hand, if it’s based on the almost 50 year history of REAL Star Trek like the experience was, it will last at least as long as Vegas did.
    Everyone misses the REAL Star Trek experience and we wait for it’s return.

  • HashMaster9000

    Will it be anything like Universal Studios’ last Trek attraction?

  • I am not Herbert

    …yeah, NO. if it’s based on nu-trek, it will be a HUGE FAIL. (nu-trek SUCKS) =P

    If it’s based on AXANAR, I will start planning my trip! =D

  • Litonzo Babicka
  • Rena

    Star Trek is a whole universe – they could do better than just that. The area where the Shrek ride is isn’t that big. Star Trek demands more space (pun intended) It would be cool if they could do something at least half of what they have done for Harry Potter (if you haven’t been there -the Harry Potter attraction is worth coming for – just for that – it is amazing).

  • Edith

    If you build it, they will come.

  • Warbirdguy

    Build one in Vegas too.