PHOTO: All Five Star Trek Captains Together for the First Time

Last weekend, all five of Star Trek‘s television captains appeared together at Wizard World’s Philadelphia Comic Con.

This marks the very first time the five captains, William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew and Scott Bakula, have appeared together at such an event.

The next scheduled appearance of the captains is scheduled for the Destination: Star Trek event, which takes place October 19-21 in London.

Photo: Tomlin Campbell/Wizard World

Brian is a Boston-based UX/Visual designer, photographer, Apple enthusiast, sci-fi, 80s action and horror movie fan and of course, a lover of all things Star Trek.

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  • nevilleross

    Wish that I could have been there…

  • Joseph Giannetti
  • Hal

    Shouldn’t there be six, Captain Pike from the reboot movie?

    • Jason K.

      If you consider every on-screen captain there’d be over a hundred people there. I think what they’re saying is the lead television captains.

  • cybik

    Where’s Chris Pine?

    •  He’s obscured by a random lens flare.

      • Takasaurus Rex

        Now that’s funny! 

    • Jeffm020202

      Pine was not a TV captain….movie only….thus far anyway.

  • cybik

    Where’s Chris Pine?

  • Starwarsfever

    incorrect, they were all together at Dragon*Con 2010 in Atlanta–granted i don’t think they did a panel together or anything, but they were all there

  • Capt Squirt

    who’s the guy that ate Wm Shatner?

  •  Sisko was more of a landlord, than a Captain of a ship.  He doesn’t really count.   And the wormhole was a total cheat.  Real Captains spend weeks at high warp in order to get to that sweet green spacegirl tail.

    • derp

      yeah, then there’s that whole dominion war thing…

    • nevilleross

      Oh really? Read this and then tell us all that: O Captain, My Captain: A Look Back At Deep Space Nine’s Ben Sisko

    •  And yet, most objective critics will tell you that Star Trek: Deep Space Nine had the richest mythology and the most complex and engaging story arc of any of the Star Treks. Maybe staying put has its advantages.

      • Betty 16101

        Didn’t the captain take a ship out a couple of times on the show?

  • Where is Capt. Cameron Frye?

  • Where’s Captain Crunch?

  • James T. Kirk

    My heros. 

  • Ok, so what happened?

  • Sean

    set phasers to old

    • nevilleross

      You’ll be like that one day, so I wouldn’t talk. Also, show some respect.

      • j

        Does being old automatically warrant respect? How about being  a terrible actor?

    • fjpoblam

      Set one phaser to pudgy. (Yep, I been hit by old… But so’s the phaser.)

  • Zanz

    What no video?

    • There’s one on GeekNation’s website of the whole panel–take a look there. 🙂 I’m soooo glad someone put it up, because I would have loved to have gone and couldn’t. 🙁

  • Sirlordford

    $1500 to get yourself in that picture.

  • Gauntlet

    spock and jerico also captained the enterprise, so with pike that should be 8

  • Validemail

    RIP Jeffrey Hunter

  • Fairy8758

    Where is the young James Kirk from Strek 11,,,,,shouldn’t he be here as well?

  • well at least ONE of them looks thrilled.  (Where’s JJ’s Capt Kirk???)

  • Asdf

    Pine is Kirk. Kirk is Shatner…

  • “Way to kill the franchise, Backula”

  • Michael

    This is a mastermind that I would love to be part of! The stories they could tell!!

  • Bingomanatee

    Aren’t there TWO Kirks at this point?

  • Mcdonldsgirl

    I’ve always had a crush on Scott Bakula but Picard has always been my favourite captain.  Make it so!

  • Jerry Bushman

    What about Chris Pine?