More Guests Announced for 2012 Las Vegas Star Trek Convention

Creation Entertainment’s annual Official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas will return to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation on August 9-12 at the Rio Suites Hotel.

Previously announced guests include William Shatner, Kate Mulgrew, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, Colm Meaney, John de Lancie, Michael Dorn, Marina Sirtis, LeVar Burton, John Billingsly, Robert Picardo, Andrew Robinson, and Diana Muldar.

This week, Creation added five additional guests. Walter Koenig, Alice Krige, Aron Eisenberg, Robert Duncan McNeill and Anthony Montgomery have been added to the four-day convention lineup.

Read our recap of the 2011 convention.

Who else would you like to see added to the 2012 lineup? Tell us in the comments.

For more information, visit Creation Entertainment.

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  • Apollo

    Alice Krige! YESSS!!!

  • Gary Cerullo

    Another great lineup this year. If I go I’d like to see Nichelle Nichols added.

  • 00101001


  • Animalman

    I went in 2009 and hoping to get back again next year. Just need to get a few things in order.

  • JG

    Say what you will about Creation, but if you want to go to a convention with the biggest names in Trek, they have it covered. I try to go almost every year and just get a regular weekend pass. It’s not all that expensive and I have a blast. Hope to see a lot of familiar faces again in August!

    • 00101001

      I agree. Although it may be a little sad this year without Nimoy. 🙁

  • How can there be a TNG 25th anniversary celebration without Sir Patrick Stewart? Also would love to see Nichelle Nichols there.

  • How can there be a TNG 25th anniversary without Sir Patrick Stewart
    @PatrickHStewart:twitter ? Also would love to see Nichelle Nichols @RealNichelle:twitter there.

  • Trace Thurman

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  • Wil Wheaton, Whoopi Goldberg