Merchandise News: Star Trek HeroClix + Mr. Potato Heads

WizK!ds, the company that recently released the Star Trek: Fleet Captains and Star Trek: Encounter cooperative games, announced this week a new Star Trek HeroClix game called Star Trek: HeroClix: Tactics.

Players will either control Klingon or Federation starships during strategic battles and events that are compatible with the HeroClix core rule systems. Tactics includes more than 20 painted ships that are collected in the 4 ship starter set and as single figure boosters. Star Trek now joins such venerable franchises as DC Superheroes and Marvel Comics which have been popular HeroClix games for almost a decade.

The starter set will include 4 starships, 2 theme dice, a rulebook, a powers/ability card, and two full color maps and is available for order at gaming stores, comic shops, and online beginning in February 2012.

Kirk & Kor Potato Heads
Kirk & Kor Potato Heads

In other merchandise news, available this week at retailers is the PPW Toy company’s Captain Kirk/Kor Mr. Potato Head two pack. The two pack includes the traditional interchangeable clothes, faces, hair, and shoes, yet themed around Star Trek characters.

Those who purchased the Star Wars Mr. Potato Heads a few years ago may be surprised that Mr. Potato Heads have shrunk some in size and are appreciably smaller.

Spock & Uhura Potato Heads
Spock & Uhura Potato Heads

Despite this scale change, there is much to like about these fun items. The packaging begins the fun with descriptions on the back proclaiming that Captain Kirk Mr. Potato Head includes his signature smirk and Kor’s intimidating facial gestures. Kor is especially nice, and while PPW could have taken shortcuts, they have paid attention to details with an example being the differing boots of the characters. A Spock and Uhura two-pack is available beginning this November to continue the fun.

To order Kirk and Kor or Spock and Uhura, visit Entertainment Earth.

John is a Sociology Professor who studies Star Trek fans and its cultural effects. He and his wife, fellow sociology professor Maria Jose, have written for Star Trek: The Official Magazine and they have contributed to the recent Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Expanded Soundtrack release. John, his wife, and son Nicky enjoy collecting Star Trek and sharing news of new items with fellow fans.

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