Zoe Saldana on Star Trek 2: “I Know It’s Gonna Be Amazing”

Zoe Saldana will return to the role of Nyota Uhura in the upcoming Star Trek sequel. During a recent interview with Access Hollywood, the 33 year old actress discussed the the film’s progress, her co-stars and what we may expect from the forthcoming blockbuster.

“I know it’s gonna be amazing,” Zaldana told Access Hollywood at the Glamour Reel Moments premiere in Los Angeles on Monday night.

“We still haven’t gotten a script yet,” she said. “We’re very excited to read it and get back into space.”

One of the hot button topics of the first film was Spock and Uhura being romantically involved. It’s still unknown if that story will continue into the sequel.

“I’m really curious and I’m pretty sure that Zach is as well,” she said.

Saldana went on to discuss her co-star, Zachary Quinto’s recent “coming out.”

”[I’m] so happy and proud to call him a friend and to be a part of his life around a moment that is so strong and inspired,” she said.

[Quote source: Access Hollywood]

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  • DaimyoNintendo

    I know its going to be amazing as well. No script yet…WEAK!!!

  • Hopefully Uhura will get back to her station and do her job this time rather than being sexually objectified for the sake of having a dumb “romance” with Spock. Oh and Bones could maybe be on the promotional posters and do more stuff in the movie because maybe he is FAR more important than some over glorified secretary. Plus, Spock, Kirk and McCoy is the big three of TOS. Let’s not try to replace him with this bimbo.

    • Coolbreeze1

      Jealous much? Uhura’s not going anywhere. Check the comics if you don’t believe me. The 1960’s are over. A better director and writers has taken over that is actually giving her something to do as the old team couldn’t be bothered. It is going to be an ensemble cast from now on. No more focusing on just three (which is boring as heck). Uhura makes things interesting and provides some much needed diversity (thank goodness).

  • Rapidfire

    How is there still NO SCRIPT?