William Shatner Says “Star Wars Was Derivative of Star Trek” [Video]

William Shatner Talks Star Wars vs Star Trek

William Shatner chimed in on the ever-popular discussion of which is better, Star Wars or Star Trek, in a video posted to his Youtube channel earlier today.

Star Trek had relationships, conflict among the relationships, stories that involved humanity and philosophical questions.” said Shatner. “Star Wars was special effects. It was ILM at it’s best. First of all, Star Wars is derivative of Star Trek, by what 10, 15, 20 years, something like that?” he added.

Shatner went on to discuss the special effects used in the Star Wars films, the original Star Trek films and JJ Abrams’ 2009 reboot.

Discussing the females in both franchises, Shatner said “Princess Leia, as beautiful as she was and as wonderful an actress as she [Carrie Fisher] is can’t compare to the marvelous heroines we had on Star Trek.”

“I’m not saying that’s just the only thing that makes Star Trek better than Star Wars. I’m saying the stories were better.” Shatner said.

“That would be the perfect union of Star Wars and Star Trek.” Shatner joked about a relationship between Captain Kirk and Princess Leia.

The complete Star Wars saga is set to be re-released tomorrow on Blu-Ray.

Watch the video embedded below.

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  • Jim Fernandez

    I’ve caught a lot of flack for it over the years, but I sincerely enjoy both franchises. 

  • I like both franchises, for different reasons. Though I’d have to say Star Trek has a better track record. I like two out of six Star Wars (IV and VI), but like most of the Star Trek series and movies.

    For inspiration, I think… Star Wars probably would have had a much harder time being made if there had not been a Star Trek, and Star Trek was able to become a movie because Star Wars showed that SF movies can make money.

    • Blonde Guy

      Good point, Karen. First came Trek, although I’m sure Roddenberry was inspired by all the sc-fi that came previously. There would not have been a Star Wars if not for the eventual popularity of Star Trek in syndication. Remember, it was not successful during it’s network run of only 3 seasons. By the same token, there would not have been Star Trek: The Motion Picture if not for the success of Star Wars. The Trek franchise was in the middle of a comeback called ST: Phase II when Paramount decided to turn it into a feature length movie. Since then, it was sequels (and prequels) for both series. They each fed off the success of the other over the years, with the SFX getting better and better as the technology improved. I guess one of the main differences to me is Trek was more about the human condition and character relationships, whereas Star Wars was more about Good vs. Evil and big space battles. I’ve always considered myself a Trek fan, while I can take or leave Star Wars.

  • My first love is Star Trek. Star Wars was good I just think they were trying to steal some thunder.

  • FurtherOn

    They each have their good and bad parts. While I prefer Trek over Wars, I may still pick up the blurry set this weekend.

  • Cmdrr

    I’m sure George Lucas is weeping inconsolably into his billions.

  • Buzz Cagney

    Star War’s is the simplest possible good v bad tale there has ever been! But made awfully pretty to look at.

  • uli

    Vote by yourself.

  • Midian30

    …and Star Trek was a derivative of Lost in Space