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Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci Split

Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci Split

After nearly ten years, the writing/producer team of Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are going their separate ways — related to big screen projects.

In addition Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek Into Darkness, the duo has worked on Mission Impossible III, People Like Us and The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

With more than a dozen projects currently in development, their production company “will most likely be reconfigured to accommodate their separation in the feature arena”, according to Variety.

In addition to writing it with Patrick McKay and John D. Payne, Orci is said to have his sights set on directing the next Star Trek film.

Kurtzman will be working on projects outside of Star Trek, including the Spider-Man spinoff film Venom and a deal with Universal to oversee monster movie franchises, including The Mummy and Van Helsing.


via Variety

WATCH: Star Trek/Xfinity SUPER BOWL Commercial “Bold Explorers”

WATCH: Star Trek/Xfinity Super Bowl Commercial

On Sunday, just prior to the NFL’s Super Bowl XLVIII Halftime Show, Xfinity debuted a new Star Trek themed ad to promote their X1 entertainment platform.

The commercial, entitled “Bold Explorers”, features Zachary Quinto as Spock and Anton Yelchin as Chekov being beamed into the Xfinity “Innovation Center,” where Chekov exclaims “It looks like the future!” and Spock replying that they “must have encountered a temporal vortex.”

Watch the commercial below.

Last year’s Super Bowl, saw the debut of the STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS commercial blitz.

STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Nominated For Academy Award


J.J. Abrams’ “Star Trek Into Darkness”, which was released in theaters last May, has been nominated for an Oscar Award for Best Visual Effects.

The team that worked on the VFX for the film include Roger Guyett, Patrick Tubach, Ben Grossmann and Burt Dalton. “Star Trek Into Darkness” will be competing against “Gravity”, “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug”, “Iron Man 3″ and “The Lone Ranger” for the prized gold statue.

The 86th annual Academy Awards ceremony takes place on Sunday, March 2 at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Calif and will be hosted by Ellen DeGeneres.


See the full list of 2013 Oscars nominees.

WATCH: The Magic of ILM’s Visual Effects In ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’

WATCH: Behind The Magic of ILM's Visual Effects Work On 'Star Trek Into Darkness'

Industrial Light and Magic, the company who created the visual effects for J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Into Darkness, has released two videos in which they show off some of the work they did to create the world of Nibriu, the “red planet” and the ultra-detailed CGI sets, seen in the film.

The second video includes comments from ILM’s Visual Effects Supervisor Roger Guyett and Animation Supervisor Paul Kavanagh, as they discuss the process that went into the creation of the film’s spectacular visuals.

ILM has recently worked on other blockbusters feature films, including The Avengers, Pacific Rim, and The Lone Ranger.

Watch the videos below.

“Star Trek Into Darkness” contains over 1600 visual effects shots, created by Industrial Light & Magic, Pixomondo, Atomic Fiction and Kelvin Optical Inc. In this reel, we’ll take a look at ILM’s work which encompassed virtually every tool and discipline in our effects arsenal.

The opening sequence sequence of “Star Trek into Darkness” is a great example of the varied visual effects challenges faced by ILM: large digital environments (with plenty of organic elements), creatures and digital doubles, animation, ships and a tremendous amount of simulation work (lava, smoke, water, etc.) Here we explore what it took to create the “Red Planet”, Nibiru for “Into Darkness”.

WATCH: Karl Urban Introduces The New Star Trek Pinball Game

WATCH: Karl Urban Introduces The New Star Trek Pinball Game

Karl Urban, who reprised the role as Leonard “Bones” McCoy this summer in Star trek Into Darkness, is featured in a video to promote the new Star Trek pinball game by STERN Pinball, Inc.

The machine features cosmic LED lighting and classic Star Trek musical scores along with an animated battleship, three ramps, three flippers, and resettable memory drop targets.

According to the STERN Pinball’s website, the game is inspired by the Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness and puts players in the chair of Captain Kirk, as he and the crew of the USS Enterprise protect and defend the planets of the Federation against Khan and the USS Vengeance.

Check out the video below.

For more information, visit STERN Pinball.


WATCH: Chris Pine and Alice Eve Appear In Paul McCartney’s “Queenie Eye” Music Video

WATCH: Chris Pine and Alice Eve Appear In Paul McCartney's "Queenie Eye" Music Video

Hot on the heels of Zachary Quinto’s cameo in the new Xbox One commercial, Star Trek Into Darkness stars, Chris Pine and Alice Eve appear in Sir Paul McCartney’s star-studded music video, for the song “Queenie Eye”.

In addition to Pine and Eve, Johnny Depp, Tracey Ullman, Tom Ford, Kate Moss, Meryl Streep, Jude Law and James Corden also make appearances in the video filmed at the legendary Abbey Road Studio. The former Beatle, McCartney is showcased at the piano throughout.

Check it out below.

WATCH: New Xbox One Commercial Features Zachary Quinto As Spock

WATCH: New Xbox One Commercial Features Zachary Quinto As Spock

On Friday, Microsoft unveiled an all-new commercial to promote the upcoming release of the Xbox One, featuring Star Trek’s Zachary Quinto. The advertisement, dubbed “Xbox One: Invitation,” was directed by Bryan Buckley and also features Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard.

The commercial, which nods to Titanfall, Forza Motorsport 5, Ryse: Son of Rome, and Dead Rising 3 in addition to Star Trek Into Darkness, is the first of Microsoft’s Xbox One global media campaign, scheduled to begin this weekend.

Check it out below.

Microsoft’s Xbox One is scheduled to be released on November 22.

J.J. Abrams Apologizes for Lens Flare: I Went Too Nuts

J.J. Abrams Apologizes for Lens Flare

During the Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray release party, Crave Online confronted director J.J. Abrams about his often ridiculed use (some would say overuse) of lens flare in Star Trek (2009), Super 8, and Star Trek Into Darkness. While the filming technique has become one of Abrams’ calling cards, his explanation may come as a surprise.

“I know I get a lot of grief for that,” Abrams said. “But I’ll tell you, there are times when I’m working on a shot, I think, ‘Oh this would be really cool… with a lens flare.’ But I know it’s too much, and I apologize. I’m so aware of it now.”

Star Trek Lens Flare

Abrams went on to tell a story of when he showed his wife an early cut of Into Darkness, saying “there was this one scene where she was literally like, ‘I just can’t see what’s going on. I don’t understand what that is.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, I went too nuts on this.’”

“This is how stupid it was,” Abrams said. “But I think admitting you’re an addict is the first step towards recovery.”


Check out the interview below.

via Crave Online

Win a Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray Signed by J.J. Abrams

Win a Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray Signed by J.J. Abrams

To celebrate the home video release of Star Trek Into Darkness, is giving away the Blu-ray DVD combo pack version of the film, SIGNED by director J.J. Abrams.

It’s extremely easy to enter. Here’s how:

1. Follow on Twitter at @treknewsnet before Friday, October 4, 2013 at 12:00 pm EST.

2. Retweet our tweet: “RT and FOLLOW @TrekNewsnet to win a Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray signed by JJ Abrams!″

A winner will be chosen at random and notified by Monday October 7, 2013.

To enter you must be over 18 years of age and reside in the U.S.

Good luck!

WATCH: Everything Wrong With Star Trek Into Darkness In 7 Minutes Or Less (Viral Video)

WATCH: Everything Wrong With Star Trek Into Darkness In 7 Minutes Or Less (Viral Video)

J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Into Darkness has been heavily criticized since its theatrical release in May.

While fans, bloggers, and even TNG star LeVar Burton have expressed an unfavorable opinion of the film, the folks over at Cinema Sins may be the most scathing — pointing out 61 things wrong with it.

Check out the video below.

Do you agree? Would you add anything to the list? Let us know in the comments.


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Star Trek Into Darkness Debuts at No. 1 on Blu-ray and DVD

Star Trek Into Darkness Debuts at No. 1 on Blu-ray and DVD

Star Trek Into Darkness, which was released on September 10th on both Blu-ray and DVD formats, debuted at number one on both national sales charts for the week ending on September 15th.

The sequel to J.J. Abrams’ 2009 Star Trek reboot topped Nielsen VideoScan’s First Alert, which tracks overall sales of both DVD and Blu-ray discs, and Nielsen’s dedicated Blu-ray Disc chart, along with Home Media Magazine’s weekly rental chart.

Additionally, according to The Hollywood Reporter, 72 percent of the total unit sales were of the high-definition Blu-ray Disc edition, which was packaged with a DVD and digital copy.

RELATED: Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray Review

Did your purchase contribute to the film’s massive sales? Tell us in the comments below.

J.J. Abrams Says Star Trek: The Video Game Was A “Big Disappointment”

J.J. Abrams Says Star Trek: The Video Game Was A "Big Disappointment"

Earlier this week, at the Blu-ray and DVD release party for Paramount Home Entertainment’s Star Trek Into Darkness, director J.J. Abrams spoke to GamerHub TV. Abrams expressed his disappointment with the game.

“The last game, which was obviously a big disappointment to me, was something that we were actually involved in at the very beginning and then we sort of realized that it was not going in a place where we were going to get what we wanted, so we dropped out.” he said.

The game, which was released back in April, continued the storyline from Star Trek (2009) and worked as somewhat of a lead-in for Star Trek Into Darkness.

“To me the video game could have been something that actually really benefitted the series and was an exciting, fun game with great gameplay.

“And instead, it was not, and was something that I think, for me emotionally it hurt, because we were working our asses off making the movie and then this game came out and it got, this isn’t even my opinion, it got universally panned.


“I think that it was something without question that didn’t help the movie and arguably hurt it.” he added.

Anything that is based on something else, it needs to exist on its own terms. And a lot of times these seem to exist as an ancillary product, in which case it will suck,” Abrams explained.

Watch the interview below.

via GamerHub