Quintin Tarantino Has a Pitch for the Next Star Trek Movie

There’s a possibility that Quentin Tarantino could write and direct the next Star Trek film.

According to Deadline, Tarantino has outlined a story for a new Star Trek feature film to J.J. Abrams. Abrams, who is likely busy on pre-production for Star Wars: Episode IX, liked the idea so much that he put plans in place to assemble a writers room to work on a script based on Tarantino’s pitch. If all goes well, the plan is for Abrams to produce and Tarantino to direct.

Tarantino, a Star Trek fan, has put references to Star Trek in his films, including quoting an Old Klingon Proverb in the open of Kill Bill Vol. 1  and making Denzel Washington talk about Scotty in a well documented yet un-credited rewrite he did on Crimson Tide. Tarantino discussed his love of Trek on the Nerdist podcast a few years ago, where detailed what he would do in a Star Trek film, saying first that many TOS episodes could be expanded to feature length, but finally settling on the TNG episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise” as his starting point.

If this happens, it would be a rarity for Tarantino, has the two-time Academy Award Winning screenwriter typically sticks to original material, though he has ventured beyond that on occasion. He’s third film, Jackie Brown, was an adaptation of an Elmore Leonard novel. He also directed episodes of ER and CSI.

Despite his Nerdist ideas, nothing yet is known about his story idea. After the release of last year’s Star Trek Beyond, rumors came out that would have seen Chris Hemsworth reprising his Star Trek role of George Kirk for a sequel where him and the now adult James Kirk team up, but that talk died down following Beyond’s lackluster box office. Deadline made no mention of that plan in their story and it’s unlikely that Tarantino would include that in his pitch.

While both stars Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto are under contract for a forth film, it’s unclear if this film would continue their Kelvin Timeline adventures.

If Tarantino does end up behind the camera, the film may not come out until 2020 at the earliest, as he is currently at work on a movie about the Charles Manson murders, which is currently slated for a 2019 release. In addition, the director has stated on several occasion that he plans to retire after his tenth feature. Using some fuzzy math (he doesn’t count Death Proof or his unreleased first film) he would only have one film left after the 2019 movie.

Would this Star Trek film be his last, or a post-retirement oddity? Would Tarantino’s directing style work with Star Trek? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Andrew Cardinale is from a Boston suburb where he works in IT. When he’s not doing something Star Trek related, he writes, follows local sports and listens to far too many podcasts.

You can follow Andrew on Twitter @acardi.

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  • vin113

    I think Tarantino could bring a huge amount to the Star Trek table.
    The man is a cinematic beast! Star Trek has grown with the times and will
    continue to do so as long as it continues to recruit the best of the best writers,
    directors, and talent. I say pass the baton to Quentin, put on your Ray Bans,
    and watch him shine.

  • He can’t do worse than Star Trek Discovery, so sure, why not?

    • Jim Tracy

      The last good Trek movie was when Picard captained the Enterprise. As for the writer saying things like staying with what made Star Trerk Trek such a hit that it ‘was’ is stupid. Also the uniforms look like a Saturday morning cartoon for kids. She wants to change things up so much and looks down her nose at any constructive from the fans is gqallingn to me. She can go straight to hell. The one thing that these Hollywood elites (writers) seem to forget is the FANS. this is not a platform for them to force their own interpretations down our throats. WE are paying for this not you. your getting paid for this crap and we are tuning out.

  • Aaron Walker

    Yeah, why not! I bet there will be plenty of action in it too! 🙂

  • Talos4

    As I’ve said elsewhere, with or without Tarantino, no more time travel in Star Trek, please! There are plenty of other kinds of stories out there.

    • Spock

      But time travel is SOOO much fun. Think of all the great time travel episodes – City on the Edge of Forever, Assignment Earth, Yesterday’s Enterprise, Trials and Tribble-ations, Time’s Arrow, All Good Things, Cause and Effect, and the list goes on and on! I think time travel is a phenomenally intriguing plot device when used properly.

  • Tod Abbott

    I like the idea of Trek movies following in the model of the Mission Impossible movies — with talented, big-name directors coming in for a movie, and then moving on. We could get very different takes on the Star Trek universe and characters. Of course that sort of thing would constantly kick the hornets nest of critical Trek fans, but that pretty much happens with every movie anyway, so…

  • Vger64

    Bring IT!!!

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