Amazon Alexa Devices Add New Star Trek Skills, Including Klingon

The first new Star Trek television series in more than a decade, Star Trek: Discovery, premieres on Sunday and to celebrate, Amazon has added some new Trek-centric functionality to their Alexa-enabled devices.

Using your Echo, Tap or Dot, you can now use the following commands to interact with the devices.

If you say “Alexa, open Star Trek,” you’ll get a three-question Star Trek quiz with a introduction by one of the series stars, including Sonequa Martin-Green and Jason Isaacs.

The Amazon Tap is one of the devices Alexa's new Star Trek skills is available on.
The Amazon Tap is one of the devices Alexa’s new Star Trek skills is available on. | Credit:

Star Trek skills added to Amazon Alexa devices

You can also say:

“Alexa, fire photon torpedoes!”

“Alexa, beam me up.”

“Alexa, what is your mission?”

“Alexa, state Starfleet rank and class.”

“Alexa, what would Dr. McCoy say?”

If you say “Alexa, damage report,” Alexa will give you a rundown of the weather and latest news headlines.

Additionally, you can also ask Alexa to speak Klingon, to state her Starfleet rank, along with tons of other Easter eggs we’re still… discovering.

If you really want to go all out, you can also change your device’s wake word from “Alexa” to “Computer.” We detailed how to do that earlier this year.

If you have an Alexa device, what Star Trek skills have you found? Tell us in the comments below.

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  • Marcus Sullivan

    Here’s a few more (some new to me, some older!):

    “Alexa, make it so.”
    “Alexa, red alert!”
    “Alexa, tea, earl grey, hot.”
    “Alexa, warp speed!”
    “Alexa, live long and prosper.”
    “Alexa, fire phasers!”

    I, of course, have the wake word set to ‘computer’ and rarely get through an episode of TNG/DS9/VOY without some dialog between my Alexa and the TV. Love it.

    • Ken Hubbell

      Try saying, “Alexa, enable Star Ship Captain’s Log” to start recording your voyage today. Engage!

  • n2styx

    Here’s my list so far..

    Alexa, Beam me up.
    Alexa, Fire photon torpedoes.
    Alexa, Red Alert.
    Alexa. Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.
    Alexa, Set phasers to kill.
    Alexa, Where’s Captain Picard? Captain Kirk?
    Alexa, Warp 10.
    Alexa, Live long and prosper.
    Alexa, Engage
    Alexa, Make It So.
    Alexa, damage report
    Alexa, what would Dr. McCoy say?
    Alexa, state Starfleet rank and class.
    Alexa, what is your mission?

  • williampittock

    “How many lights do you see?”

  • Ken Hubbell

    Come celebrate 50 years of Star Trek and join the crew by saying,

    “Alexa, enable Star Ship Captain’s Log”

    to start recording your journey today. Or drop by the link below to enable this free skill:

    Works on all Alexa devices. Engage!

  • The issue I’ve found is some of the new Trek features either don’t work on the Dot (my wake up word is Computer on my Dot), or may not work with the Wake up word Computer,
    When I try them on my Dot with Computer , they don’t work. If I try them on my Alexa with Alexa they work fine.

  • Stupid quiz asked me about the end of the Trouble with Tribbles episode (S02E15) asking where the tribbles were beamed to and I of course answered “The Klingon Ship” but it said I got it wrong and they were beamed to Cyrano Jone’s ship. When a quiz is programmed incorrectly, it is useless !!