WATCH: Chris Pine Channels His Inner Shatner In SNL ‘Star Trek’ Sketch

Chris Pine, who has played Captain James T. Kirk in all three installments of the rebooted Star Trek film franchise, hosted Saturday Night Live this week. In addition to playing part in several other sketches along with his hosting duties, Pine played a very Shatner-esque version of Kirk during an Original Series-inspired segment.

The segment depicted the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise in a lost 81st episode of The Original Series entitled “Spock’s Secret.”

Check out the video, along with a few of Pine’s other appearances on the show, below.

SNL Star Trek Sketch with Chris Pine

Chris Pine’s SNL Monologue

Chris Pine explains the differences between him and Chris Pratt, Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth.

The House Sketch

Auto Shop Sketch

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  • Brandon Taylor

    Omg. No wonder. That was such an epic fail.

  • ziplock9000

    My God that is utterly cringeworthy because of that Spocks brother ‘thing’.

  • Cat Robbins

    That was awful. Jesus. They have Pine there, why don’t they make use of him??? I love Shatner’s Kirk, but there is much to poke fun of about him. Pine literally just sat in the chair the whole time. What a wasted opportunity for a great sketch.

  • Spock

    Now I remember why I quit staying up for SNL years ago? How long has it been since they made anything truly funny (other than making fun of politicians, which never gets old)?

  • Archie R Spires

    Gave it one minute…
    I’m sure there’s a punchline waiting for me around minute two, a fart joke or it’s equivalent in minutes three and four, and that the scene will trail off sadly in minute five.

    I want my minute back.

  • Dennis Koch

    Can;t you use Int’l video so everyone can see it?

    • Unfortunately, that’s something decided by the content provider (in this case SNL), not us.

  • James Transformatics Hughes

    B.S. location/geo lock on the video. F#$k you SNL! Canada gets your show on Saturdays but we cant watch your online content??

  • Mark Abukoff

    And still as good as SNL has been in decades. Which is cr@p.