WATCH: Paramount Celebrates 50 Years of Star Trek With Touching Video Tribute

Paramount Pictures released a special commemorative video today, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Star Trek franchise.

The 90-second video combines some of the most-iconic scenes from several of the Star Trek feature films along with Michael Giacchino’s score from the Kelvin Timeline films. It’s sure to bring all the feels.

Check out the video below and tell us what you think in the comments section.

Star Trek first aired in the U.S. on September 8, 1966 with the episode “The Man Trap.”

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  • Draganmac

    First! Glorious tribute. I am so proud to be a Trekkie today, Thank You for many wonderful years. #LLAP50

  • Methanwyr

    Um where is Archer?

    • Chad Moore

      Or Janeway or Sisko or real TOS?

    • David Gunderson

      Paramount can only do the movies. They don’t own any television series rights.

  • Dan Mills

    Nice, but 90 seconds just can’t do it justice. 90 Hours couldn’t do it justice either, come to think of it. Thank you for this.

  • Chad Moore

    Too little real Star Trek and too much JJVerse. Stop trying to cram that down our throats. It failed.

  • Mr MarkuSS

    Nice! Maybe next time include ALL the series and not just TOS,TNG and the reboot…

  • Gary

    It was pretty good but there was no Janeway or 7 of 9 or Dr. Dan in the video… I think they should have been included ….I have been a treck fan since the original series when I was just a kid and still love it today…thanks for a great show……………. …………… long and prosper.

  • Kyle L. Dennis

    Sadly, some people seem to be a little too slow, to understand this is a video made by Paramount. You know… the studio that releases the FILMS of Star Trek. So of course it wouldn’t include footage from the TELEVISION series, would it?!
    If this doesn’t show that the stereotype of all Trek fans being super smart nerds is false, nothing will.
    I’m almost embarrassed for those that are too dense to understand. But then I realize those dense people, are the same ones bitching about the Kelvin Timeline and Star Trek Discovery, before its release. The fans who are so set in their ways, that any change is just too much for them.
    Star Trek has always been about embracing the future. And the changes and differences in that “Undiscovered Country”. Yet these “fans” don’t want any changes. They want exactly what THEY liked and that is all.
    I know there has always been Star Trek fans who were slow to embrace each iteration of Trek. But this most recent batch of dissenters, don’t show even a hint of being willing to at least try to enjoy the newer Star Trek films and upcoming TV series. It’s their way or nothing.
    It’s their loss. While we Trekkies and Trekkers who love ALL of Star Trek, will continue to do so.
    I love the video. It included a lot of the great scenes of the films. Showing why Star Trek is truly iconic, and has lasted 50 years and beyond.

    • Caroll D.

      Dude, lighten up. The feature films are a small part of the ST universe. I don’t think the average ST fan realizes the features films and TV episodes are owned by 2 different companies. I understand the confusion some would have with this tribute.

  • Sean Rusnack

    Very disappointed that this was made by Paramount and there’s nothing from Enterprise, DS9 or Voyager

  • DavidDesjardins

    Its a nice tribute video from the producers of the movies, for the original characters. It’s all about TOS this year;)

    Next year is TNG’s 30th. And 2 years after that, the 25th of DS9.