Simon Pegg: Star Trek’s Home Is On TV

The Star Trek franchise has a long history on both the small and big screen over the last fifty years but many fans believe that at its heart, the ideals and storytelling of Star Trek translate best on television. Recently, Star Trek Beyond co-writer and star Simon Pegg sat down with Jordan Hoffman, the host of Engage: The Official Star Trek Podcast, to discuss the Beyond writing process and also Star Trek’s upcoming return to television.

During the interview, Pegg talked about Bryan Fuller’s upcoming TV series Star Trek: Discovery.

“Star Trek’s home is television. The movies have always been… a kind of celebration of that. They’ve been events that have happened at the cinema but I think, the true home of Star Trek really is TV. I’m very excited it is back there.”

Following the release of Star Trek Beyond, several fans and critics remarked that the film felt like an extended big-budget version of classic TOS episode. Pegg acknowledged that remark, saying:

“That was kind of our … Doug (Jung) and I… that was kind of our thing y’know? We sort of said that in the writing room ‘Let’s make a — big budget episode of The Original Series. That seemed like the right thing to do on the 50th anniversary.”

Pegg gave Hoffman further insight into the Star Trek Beyond writing process and reveals a few “Easter eggs” moviegoers may have missed.

You can listen to the entire episode at and on iTunes.

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  • Dasjerm

    Now if they can only make a good Star Trek show on TV maybe it will have a chance. Star Trek shows have been more borderline bad lately than the movies and so far, Discovery, even in its early stages, isn’t giving me much hope and the show is supposed to air in about five months.

    • 11thIndian

      Does 11 years ago really count as “lately”? Man, I’m old!

  • Billy Beefcaked

    This is Simon Pegg’s “Out” if Star Trek 4 doesn’t get made because Beyond isn’t making the money it nees too.

    I thoroughly enjoyed ST Beyond, but it is pretty evident that Paramount’s lack of marketing and poor choice of release has damaged the ability for Beyond to make it’s money back.

    At least we had a great reboot trilogy!

  • Erik

    It’s home is on tv, and therefor thankfully out of his hands. Beyond is a weak movie.