J.J. Abrams Says Chris Hemsworth Will Return In STAR TREK 4

STAR TREK BEYOND hasn’t even hit theaters yet and news is already breaking regarding a fourth film in the rebooted series. We’re now hearing that Chris Hemsworth, who played James T. Kirk’s father George in 2009’s Star Trek, will return to the franchise in the next installment.

Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness director (and Star Trek Beyond producer) J.J. Abrams broke the news to Access Hollywood film critic (and Star Trek super fan) Scott Mantz.

On Friday, Mantz tweeted “#JJAbrams confirms to me that a 4th #StarTrek movie will bring together #ChrisPine & #ChrisHemsworth!!”

After his role as George Kirk, Hemsworth has made a major name for himself and while he may be best known for his role as Thor, he’s also starred in Cabin in the Woods, Snow White and the Huntsmen, Red Dawn, Rush, and Ghostbusters.

How do you think George Kirk will be brought back? Time travel? Khan blood? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • DavidDesjardins

    Hmmm… the Mirror Universe perhaps?

    • Adam E Fairchild

      Or resetting the timeline?

    • BotanyCameos

      I’m hoping for mirror verse too!

    • Credo

      Yessss, the first Mirror Universe Movie!!! I would be so in on it 😀

  • Noah Vance

    Could be Kirk’s older brother. It established in some comics set in the Kelvin Timeline that he survived the giant protozoa things that killed him in the Prime Timeline.

    • Angrboda Ironwood

      How could he play his older brother when he’s already played his father?

      • Adam E Fairchild

        Put a mustache on him

  • Barb

    Interuniverse. He survived in the Prime Timeline.

  • BotanyCameos

    I know the writer of the article is probably just joking, but Khan’s blood is basically super stem-cells etc., it will only “bring you back to life” in the same way a defibrillator “brings back the dead”: If the body just passed & is preserved in perfect condition, it can work just like restarting a heart on someone who just died momentarily can work. Except that with the augmented cells it also repairs some damage, but it won’t do anything if blood can’t circulate anymore.

    It would never work on George Kirk, who has been dead for years, even without taking into account there was nothing left of his body after the fireball. Not even as a zombie…

    It wouldn’t even work on Pike, even if they had kept his body for burial later & used Khan’s blood after they went back to Earth, because enough time has passed that the brain was toast anyway.

    It’s scifi but it’s all rooted in science, that’s why it worked on Kirk, and that’s why it’s not “magic blood” like some say, at all. They can’t use it on George.

    My bet is George Kirk returns as the mirror version of himself.
    I’d love to see the mirror versions of the whole crew, and to have a mirror George Kirk as the potential main villain in the movie would be fascinating! 🙂

  • MichelleRose3

    Could be as a dream sequence, might be as a time travel sequence–and oh dear, I hope they stay away from that because it opens up all kinds of anomalies and anachronisms–and it could be a simple flashback to the senior Kirk’s tenure as First Officer aboard the USS Kelvin. I’m betting on the latter. From the hints we saw in the first movie of the reboot, George Kirk was one of the best senior officers in Starfleet and it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that he graduated the Academy at the head of his class. Helmsworth’s too short portrayal was in the finest tradition of Starfleet: he willingly gave his life so that others might live.

  • Milo

    A 4th JJ-Trek? Let’s first see how the 3rd one does…

  • R DeMichiei

    Well we opened a door into the JJ-verse Quantum Reality –Door goes both ways right ?