JJ Abrams Says Fourth Star Trek Film Is Very Likely [UPDATED]

UPDATED: With full quote from JJ Abrams.

With the release of STAR TREK BEYOND next week, fans have been asking if we’ll see a fourth installment of the rebooted film franchise. Well, an answer may be coming very soon. When asked if any thought has been given to a fourth film by moderator Scott Mantz during the LA press junket on Thursday, JJ Abrams said:

“It’s hopefully something that we are figurative minutes away from talking about. The answer is 100% yes and it’s incredibly exciting.”

Now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves as Paramount hasn’t officially announced anything. So this doesn’t exactly confirm a fourth film but it makes it very VERY likely.

Abrams directed the first two films, 2009’s Star Trek and 2013’s Star Trek Into Darkness before handing over the directorial reigns to Justin Lin and taking an executive producer role.

Stay tuned to TrekNews.net for more on this developing story, as we’re live at the junket and will attempt to get some clarity.

How do you feel about a fourth film? Tell us in the comments section below.

h/t to GeekFilter for the full Abrams quote

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  • What film are they going to go back in time and prevent the destruction of Vulcan? That should be the last JJ Avramsverse film.

    • Moshe Z. Matitya

      I’ve been saying that for seven years…

    • edwardjdarlow

      why do you people need to immediately go to hatred of the Abram’s movies? Maybe you’d rather Star Trek be forgotten completely?

      • Simon Says

        Because they remind many people of Star wars, not Star Trek. All flash and no substance.

        • edwardjdarlow

          you haven’t seen the movie so please shut up until you do.

          • Simon Says

            I have seen the first two, dumbass; and they were definitely Star Wars, not Star Trek, all flash for the mindless that have the attention span of a gnat. That’s enough to know I won’t be going to the rest of the trash JJ puts out.

          • edwardjdarlow

            Poor Star Trek, they’ve lost superfan Simon Says…I’m sure they’re worried about that. I’m glad to know you aren’t mindless and 10,000,000 Star Trek fans are.

          • Simon Says

            Whew, I was worried. I am so glad you noticed that! I was tossing and turning all night to see if you knew I had a mind.

          • edwardjdarlow

            if you have a mind (something I’m not sure of) then it is a deluded ignorant mind.

          • Simon Says

            Whatever…you sound like a liberal.

          • edwardjdarlow

            Nope, Trump fan. Just passionate about Star Trek…ALL Star Trek.

    • Rob Toohey

      a tragedy gives the character a struggle, something that they can overcome.

    • James

      they should go back in time and give JJ’s dad a vasectomy.

  • geekfilter

    “Where does the Star Trek feature film series go from here? Have you given thought about ‘episode’ 4” – Scott Mantz “It’s hopefully something that we are figurative minutes away from talking about. The answer is 100% yes and it’s incredibly exciting.” – JJ Abrahams

    They have THOUGHT about the 4th movie. Different from there will BE a 4th movie.

    • The Chadwick

      “Different from there will BE a 4th movie.” Very much yes.
      “They have THOUGHT about the 4th movie” As we all know, for sure, probably tossed around a few ideas. Again as we all know, all depends on the box office. I think this will make way more than 2009 or Into Darkness. People already saying great things about it, word of mouth, and the rise in Chinese sales from 2009 to 2013, going to be larger with Beyond. Especially cuz of the Paramount/Alibaba deal.
      Granted its not a fact but we can make an educated guess and it would be a resounding yes.

    • Thanks for providing that. Article has been updated. Apologies for any confusion.

      • geekfilter

        You’re most welcome! I actually hope there IS a 4th (for the first time since STITD) but I imagine box office #’s will play into that decision.

  • kirock

    lets end this JJverse. they find the guardian of forever. everyone is happy

    • Moshe Z. Matitya

      Or the Atavachron. Or just slingshot around the sun.

      • Scott Filgo

        Guys it’s a friggin parallel universe. The all so precious prime universe is flowing along just fine, IN PARALLEL.

        For nerds you guys have a thin grasp of physics.

    • geekfilter

      I was ok with 2009, did not like STITD at all, but Beyond is really good! It’s TOS but not in a “Put stuff in a blender and press pulse” but in the feel and mood and story direction. I kinda really loved it!

    • edwardjdarlow

      EVERYONE is happy? not me and millions of other people.

  • Spock

    Well, let’s see here. The second movie brought us Khan, the third will bring about the destruction of the Enterprise, so now for the fourth movie, I guess it’s time to go back in time to look for humpback whales?

    • Bitterbear

      NuSulu is going to have the time of his life at the San Francisco bathhouses of that era.

      • Scott Filgo

        So if Sulu were straight I suppose he’d be watching the 49ers play football?? Star Trek fans = no stereotyping

        • Bitterbear

          IIRC Sulu Classic was busy learning how to fly a helicopter. Too busy doing his job while Kirk was discovering beer (and Spok was making sure Kirk wasn’t going to be his own great grandfather).

  • Dawn

    JJ Abrams is not only lying he is trying to market his movie

    • Moshe Z. Matitya

      (1) Well of course he’s trying to market his movie.
      (2) “Lying?” You think they DON’T intend to make a fourth movie? Seriously?

      • Dawn

        they not going to, paramount is in too much finanical shit and this movie is looking to underwhealm

        • edwardjdarlow

          no overwhelm here…5.1 million on preview night…75-80 million opening weekend.

          • Dawn

            25 people openning night in some places.
            actually they say c;pser to 55 if that now, doubt it will especially now that the movie is out the negative reviews are coming out. Rotten tomoatoes has drooped 6% in 24 hours from critcs with aurdiences going down an additonal 5

  • Robert Roberson

    Yes please. I love the new version of Star Trek…captures the TOS feel perfectly.

  • Robert Karma

    The preliminary reports I’ve heard from those who saw the press screening have been very positive. I didn’t ask for any spoilers other than “was it good?” So Star Trek Beyond should do quite well at the box office which is all Paramount cares about. I’m looking forward to seeing the best movie Star Trek since First Contact. If the rebooted Star Trek IV is of this higher quality that captures the spirit of TOS, then I can’t wait to see it when it premieres in 2019/2020. Boldly Go!

  • Arron Bubba Ratcliff

    God i hope this is not true.I can so do with out a crappy remake of Star Trek IV.and that what the last two J.J Trek films have been remakes of Wrath of Khan and The Search for Spock.if J.J and Simon Pegg wanna impress me how about they use an original idea for a Star Trek movie.09’s Star Trek was by far the best of the just because it was an original idea.

  • David Zane Taylor

    I sort of figured they’d jump ahead 70 years and go into TNG territory. Starring Dewayne Johnson (The Rock) as Jean Luc Picard. Sounds about as F/U as what they have been doing.

  • Andrew Skinner-Demps

    A 4th film? Well of course! And yes it should be in the Kelvin Timeline just as the
    TV show should be in the Prime Timeline. Ideas for a 4th film: 1. In an effort
    to repopulate their species the Vulcans can not deny the logic in turning to
    genetic engineering even if it means leaving the Federation but not if
    Spock has anything to say about. And in the meantime the Klingons cannot
    forgive the Kronos incident. (Somewhere in there I need a Gorn fight) 2. It
    does seem like it is time for a time travel movie right? Why not take a quick
    sling shot around the sun? 3. Galactic invasion always brings the Alpha
    Quadrant together. Peace in our time, in order to stop the end of all
    time. 4. The brand new Enterprise has to find out exactly
    how Mars lost almost all of it water in order to stop the same thing
    from happing to 23rd century Earth.

  • Mark Wengler

    Find the Guardian Of Forever and undo this abomination.

  • Bitterbear

    Is Kirk still going to have daddy issues in the fourth film?

  • Wispr

    This is the same guy you said the lawsuit was going away.

  • Tim Cooper

    I’m guessing the actors signed on for three films and that a 4th would require substantial raises for everyone. So number 4 aint gonna happen

  • Rene

    Contracts with Chris Pine and Zach Quinto for a 4th one were already signed last year, so it is not news at all. Besides, the only ‘maybe’ will be JJ and Bad Robot in this story.

  • Milo

    Let’s just see how the box office for opening week and a week later go first. I have a hunch it might not be as rosy as the last two times.

  • Ray

    Iam waiting for the star trek franchise to be linked with the Enterprise Series (best of the star trek series)There is a lot unexplained like the Earth Romulan war which creates the natural zone. Enterprise is the first ship baring the Enterprise name and a cool one to. First time in deep space and meeting the Klingons,Xindi, Andorians,Borg and many other species for the first time.
    So lets band together to get the Enterprise series or movie made.