William Shatner’s $30 Billion Idea to Save California

“California’s in the midst of a 4-year-old drought,” William Shatner told Yahoo’s David Pogue.

“They tell us there’s a year’s supply of water left. If it doesn’t rain next year, what do 20 million people in the breadbasket of the world do? In a place that’s the fifth-largest GDP — if California were a country, it’d be fifth in line — we’re about to be arid! What do you do about it?”

Shatner proposed a $30 billion plan to save America’s third largest state:

“So I’m starting a Kickstarter campaign. I want $30 billion… to build a pipeline like the Alaska pipeline. Say, from Seattle — a place where there’s a lot of water. There’s too much water. How bad would it be to get a large, 4-foot pipeline, keep it aboveground — because if it leaks, you’re irrigating!”

On where would this water pipeline go, Shatner said:

“Bring it down here and fill one of our lakes! Lake Mead!”

Even if he’s not successful in raising the money, Shatner said the effort will at least raise awareness about the severity of California’s drought.

“If I don’t make 30 billion, I’ll give the money to a politician who says, ‘I’ll build it.’ Obviously, it’s to raise awareness that something more than just closing your tap … so why not a pipeline?”

You can watch the interview below.

via Yahoo

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  • iso

    better recycle water. You can recycle 90% of your black and gray water supply.

  • Phanes Erichthoneus

    Stop putting a price on human survival. If desalinization is needed, do it!

    • Desalinization seems to be the answer!

  • milojthatch

    Me thinks California needs new leaders. The water issues might just be the kick in the paints the voters need to make it happen!

  • It is fundamentally wrong to steal one state’s resources because another state does not know how to effectively manage the resources they currently have. Try building more reservoirs and capture that run off. After all, something like 80% of rainfall and spring runoff in California goes right into the ocean. Use your brain Cali.

    • milojthatch

      I’m a Californian and I agree with you. I love my state, but that’s more about the land and not so much about the government!

  • Which is cheaper a water pipeline or a desalination plant? Its going to take years to build these things better start now!