How You Can Help Bring ‘Deep Space Nine’ To Blu-ray

One question we regularly receive here at — through email, Twitter, Facebook, and at conventions — is “When will Deep Space Nine be remastered and released on Blu-ray?”. A fair question and one that’s very timely, especially with the seventh and final remastered season of Star Trek: The Next Generation being released in December. It’s a question that’s clearly on many fans’ minds and one that I’ve heard posed with regularity to Mike and Denise Okuda, Roger Lay, Jr., Robert Meyer Burnett and other members of the TNG remastering team.

“We are not allowed to talk about potential or future projects,” Mike Okuda said, when asked of the chances at the Las Vegas Star Trek convention in July.

For the success of any great cause, people need something to believe in and a call to action.

Digital Bits recently gave a few tips on how fans can help bring DS9 to Blu-ray and have it given the proper remastering treatment that the show deserves.

Here’s what Bill Hunt of DB suggests:

Straight up, the single best and most effective thing that Star Trek fans can do to convince CBS to go forward with Deep Space Nine, The Animated Series, and maybe even Voyager remastered on Blu-ray… is to buy the seasons of The Original Series, The Next Generation, and Enterprise that CBS has already released on Blu-ray.

Seriously, that’s it. It’s that simple. If CBS can point to strong sales numbers of its existing Trek TV releases on Blu-ray, the decision to keep releasing Trek TV series on Blu-ray becomes really easy for them to make. So if you’re a Star Trek fan, show the studio that you’ll buy future Blu-rays by buying the existing ones. Wait for a sale if you must, get a good deal of course, but you really have to put your money where your mouth is. That might seem simple, it might seem obvious, but that’s the straight-up honest truth… and that’s what we try always to give you here at The Bits.

There you have it. Straight forward and to the point.

Want a little taste of “Terok Nor” in HD? Check out the video, from our friends at TrekCore, below.

Stay tuned to, as we will of course keep you posted on any news related to DS9 on Blu-ray.

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Brian is a Boston-based UX/Visual designer, photographer, Apple enthusiast, sci-fi, 80s action and horror movie fan and of course, a lover of all things Star Trek.

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  • Robert

    There Not allowed to discus future or potential projects, what is it top secret or something? How fucking stupid is that statement.

    • Derrik Pates

      I would imagine CBS Digital doesn’t want anyone making any promises they can’t (or aren’t ready to) keep. Pretty standard corporate line.

  • Lorenzo Heard

    There is no question that DS9 will be released on Blu Ray. The regular DVD box set releases were the best selling of all of the Star Trek series. The last figure I got was two years old, but at that point they had sold 11 million box sets. Much more than TNG

    • Fei Fong Wong

      I really hope you are right.

  • 9adam83

    PLEASE, PLEASE and PLEASE MAKE IT SO for DS9! I have been very happy with TNG Blu Ray and would LOVE to see DS9 get the Blu Ray treatment! By far DS9 has become my favorite Trek ever due to the story telling, the non PC endings, and of course the main characters are dynamic and are not your usual Trek characters! The battle scenes with the Dominion would be awesome to see and just to see it from the beginning again in Blu Ray is like watching something totally different and for the first time. I have enjoyed watching TNG and TOS in Blu Ray and it’s like watching live TV. You really get to enjoy what the staff wanted to produce over and over again as the way Trek really should be watched! Keep up the great work everyone and CBS, MAKE IT SO!

  • Dan

    When I think of all the crap that comes out year after year on Blu Ray, how is it that Star Trek fans, who have shown nothing but loyalty to the franchise for going on fifty years can’t get a straight answer?

    • Mahtoofislooth

      Because the owners of Trek quit caring about its fans YEARS ago. And when they handed it over to JJ to destroy, that was the final FU.

  • Peter

    Please Bring all these Episodes to Bluray. I have been gradually collecting Next Generation in Bluray, just got to get Season 7 now. As someone else said, there is a lot of garbage on TV, at least we can have some quality with star trek.

  • Daniel Ireland

    I’ve really enjoyed watching all of TNG in HD and I really hope this happens. It hasn’t been cheap, but I’m hoping that by buying all the TNG seasons I’ve helped in some way!

  • Calvin Gregory

    when they say they are not allowed to discuss future projects it means they are making this shit up as they go along, there is no plan or reasoning behind any of their actions:) Paramount is great at milking a franchise while at the same time giving you something new or better with each new iteration. next to the original series DS9 is my favorite. But it is darker in tone and aesthetics, something that blu ray excels at showing in grand detail. With BR everything looks as it’s supposed to, shadows look like shadows and not like washed out film. So hopefully we’ll see everything on blu ray. I’m a season or two behind right now, because of money issues, but I plan on having this whole series/franchise on blu ray

    • mjdavid

      This isn’t Paramount’s decision. The rights to the television series are owned by CBS, and CBS-Digital is the company that releases the television series on BR.

  • danwat1234

    Well, I’m downloading all the seasons of TNG HD bluray from bittorrent so I guess if too many people do that they won’t make a bluray of DS9 and voyager

    • Daniel

      I downloaded the first episode of TNG to compare the difference and straight afterwards I bought the complete set due to how much of an improvement BR / remastering is. I can’t wait for them to do DS9 – my favourite – and then Voyager.

    • mjdavid

      You are correct. What are you doing is called piracy and makes them less inclined to proceed with the project. You can get the sets on Amazon for around $60 a piece. When you factor in all of the newly-produced bonus material and the HD restoration that’s a bargain. Stop being cheap and show your love to Trek.

      • danwat1234

        I’m a cheap college student, I won’t pay for these blurays so I might as well download them and spread the word that they exist for purchase.

        • RicoSuaveGuapo

          Aren’t you just doing the Lord’s work?

          • danwat1234

            I like to think so but maybe I’m not. I think God would like everybody to watch Star Trek/TNG/DS9/VOy in HD

          • Mahtoofislooth

            A god who wants people to see Trek in low def is no god of mine.

      • Mahtoofislooth

        Show me proof that downloading things on torrent makes creators less inclined to do things, please. Looking at the massive profits Hollywood takes in still to this day with people still torrenting left and right for the last 10+ years, I would say that’s complete RIAA and movie’s lawyer thug groups’ propaganda BS you’re parroting there. But keep holding up the billionaire’s trade groups and their smarmy leech lawyers complaining a poor person who would never pay for their product downloaded it for free, thus still promoting their products, is somehow taking away money that never would have traded hands to begin with.

    • dub

      “I’m downloading all the seasons of TNG HD bluray from bittorrent so I guess if too many people do that they won’t make a bluray of DS9 ”

      Ya think?!?!?

  • Rick Wolf

    I cannot imagine DS9 not being released on BR. It would be sacrilege against the Star Trek franchise to not make the transfers. I would even like to see (and would buy) Voyager on BR as well. This I should HOPE would be their ultimate plan at CBS even though I thought DS9 was the better of the two series. BTW, I have all the original series and the 7 seasons of TNG and they did an excellent job barring one episode I noticed early on had some “sound” issues. Other than that I highly recommend their work. Good job guys ! Keep it up!!!

  • Smithian

    I’ve read reports saying the TNG blu ray sets took a nose-drive with season 3 (inexplicable to me as that’s when the show came into its own), so I hope that does not give CBS pause about all the work that would go into DS9. Those space battles will definitely pose a problem!

  • Virtus

    First let’s get Voyager on blu-ray. Sisko, his over-reacting, and his least-trekky DS9 can come after that.

    • Mario

      I prefer Voyager too, but I know that DS9 is more popular. Therefore, DS9 must be released first, and sell well, for any hope of Voyager to come out.

      • Virtus

        I’ve spoken with dozens of people all saying that Voyager is better. So wasn’t it more popular?

        • mko

          Sadly it isn’t.

  • Mario

    I’ve purchased all the Star Treks on Blu-ray. All the movies, all the Original Series, all TNG and even Enterprise. I originally thought Enterprise was boring, but after a long break I purchased the whole 4 seasons on Blu-ray and I absolutely loved it. Every episode in every season of Enterprise. I thought some episodes of DS9 were boring and I never watched all seasons, but I will buy the entire DS9 series on blu-ray as well. I’m sure I will love it too. Then, I will look forward to buying Voyager on Blu-ray.
    Make it happen, CBS! Thank you!

    • Virtus

      Yes, I’ve heard Enterprise is not bad at all, just take a look at this — I may have to watch it myself 😀

  • Lorenzo Heard

    None of this is important. DS9 will be released on Blu-Ray because the regular DVDs were and still is the biggest selling box-sets of all the Star Trek shows. Paramount loves money and they know that’s what they’ll get if they release the DS9 box sets on Bli-Ray.

    • Do you have a citation or source for that? That would be highly encouraging if true.

  • This is so simple. They are saying now that their were disappointing sales of TNG on Bluray. So they should simply Crowd-Fund the funding of Fully Restoring DS9 and Voyager and the Animated Series!
    I am willing to pre-pay upfront for double of each if they are fully restored and placed on Bluray.
    I am willing to pay now if they will launch the campaign!

    Star Trek Lives!

  • Mike

    Voyager and DS9 in HD please! The best years of Star Trek needs to be remembered!

  • Mahtoofislooth

    I’m going to guess we’ll get Blurays of 2 Broke Girls before DS9. This was over a year ago and still nothing, hahaha. God I hate CBS. Too bad Disney didn’t own it, they could work the magic of revamping it like they did to Star Wars where they are actually banking in on those terrible prequels now. Imagine if a marketing team like that had the Trek franchise, and not a corporation who has treated it like crap for what, a decade now? More? Ugh. So sad.

  • Jeff Fitzsimmons

    I am tried of hearing the only means of valuing the project of converting Star Trek Deep Space 9 and Voyager onto blu ray (HD quality) that domestic sales wont support the cost out laid for the conversion. Why isn’t there more intelligent people saying quoting back Star Trek films Gross Box Office sales which rank into the billions also another factor devoted fans of the series who have faithfully purchased on DVD quality who are so willing to convert over to HD Blu Ray. Perhaps the producers of the films recover some of money Box Office sales and reinvest it put their money where their mouth is and fund this preservation epic series. Where are you Rick Berman and Brannon Braga?

  • Mr Ink 5000

    a HD digital only with the old CGI would do for me for now, wouldnt that mean a lower risk for CBS, and a chance to prove peoples interest?

  • Christopher Weir

    The slight problem with that, is I prefer to buy my collection is matching styles, so what happens if they chagne the Art style for DS9 and Voyager?! So hurry up, cos I’m waiting to get the lot!