‘Star Trek: The Original Series – Origins’ To Be Released on Blu-ray

Later this year, to coincide with the upcoming release of Star Trek Into Darkness on Blu-ray, Paramount has announced Star Trek: The Original Series – Origins — a single-disc release which will include origin episodes of some of Star Trek‘s most significant characters.

Episodes to be included on the disc, will include Captain Christopher Pike and Spock’s first appearance in “The Cage”, Kirk’s first appearance behind the helm of the Enterprise in “Where No Man Has Gone Before”, Khan’s first appearance in “Space Seed”, the Enterprise crew’s first encounter with the Klingons in “Errand of Mercy”, and the first appearance of the Tribbles in “The Trouble With Tribbles”.

A special introduction for each episode will be done by son of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry.

Star Trek: The Original Series – Origins will be released on September 10th and is available to pre-order now at Amazon.

Star Trek: TOS - Origins cover art
Star Trek: TOS – Origins cover art

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