WATCH: New Preview of Remastered Star Trek: TNG in HD

Today, CBS released a new video preview of Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s conversion to high-definition for it’s Blu-ray release.

With a four episode sampler disc slated to be released on January 31st and complete seasons to follow later in 2012, this will be a big year for TNG, which is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary.

As we’ve previously reported, the sampler disc will contain the two-part series premiere, “Encounter at Farpoint,” “Sins of the Father,” and “The Inner Light.”

Star Trek: TNG in HD Preview

Star Trek: TNG in HD Preview

Star Trek: TNG in HD Preview

Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Next Level is now available for pre-order on for $14.99.

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  • Gregger

    Wowza! This look beautiful.

  • Rings of Saturn

    Looking forward to watching these in GLORIOUS HIGH-DEF!

  • Gavin

    Picard’s head never looks so good! 🙂

  • Dholyer

    They must have used the re-broadcast films for the old TNG footage, because my TNG DVD’s look better than what they show. But the Blue Ray looks like perfection in viewing. Can not wait for my pre order from Amazon to arrive on Fed 2nd 2012 as I was notified the day after ordering it and re-informed last week. Never really needed my Blue Ray player that came with my HD LCD TV since it auto upscales every thing to 1080p, And I have Dish HD so most everything I see is in True HD. About the only thing I have not watched in 1080p is XXX and I have no real desire for that 

  • Can’t wait for this, was going to start watching TNG through again, now i’ll just wait for it all in glorious HD!