Star Trek Teddy Bears on Their Way from Toy Factory

Star Trek Teddy Bears

In Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, Captain Kirk battled against Klingon Commander, Klaa. Now you could battle against Claw!

The Toy Factory, a company that produces plush prizes in claw vending machines, has produced a new line of licensed Star Trek teddy bears for 2011.

Fans with steady nerves and a few extra quarters could try and use a claw to get one of six different bears at select local vending machines. Each bear is approximately 12″ tall and each features a face customized to represent a character.

There are two Captain Kirk versions (yellow command shirt and green command shirt), a McCoy bear (featuring his unique short sleeve shirt), Spock (with, of course, customized ears and eyebrows), Scotty, and a Klingon bear. The company promises more in the line.

Star Trek teddy bears have been produced by a number of companies during the years, including by the venerable Vermont Teddy Bear company. These new Toy Factory teddy bears are among the nicest and most fun in their Star Trek design elements.

Star Trek Teddy Bears

For more information, visit The Toy Factory online.

John is a Sociology Professor who studies Star Trek fans and its cultural effects. He and his wife, fellow sociology professor Maria Jose, have written for Star Trek: The Official Magazine and they have contributed to the recent Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Expanded Soundtrack release. John, his wife, and son Nicky enjoy collecting Star Trek and sharing news of new items with fellow fans.

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