The First 45 Years of Star Trek [Infographic]

Yesterday we celebrated the 45th anniversary of of the first episode of Star Trek‘s first episode, which aired in 1966. posted a great inforgraphic, designed by Karl Tate, entitled The First 45 Years of Star Trek.

Star Trek Infographic


Brian is a Boston-based UX/Visual designer, photographer, Apple enthusiast, sci-fi, 80s action and horror movie fan and of course, a lover of all things Star Trek.

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  • Culpeo

    Neat graphic! But I think I spotted a mistake. Wasn’t “The Lieutenant” a Marine Corps drama instead of a police drama?

    By the way, I just discovered this site. Keep up the great work!

    • The Gorn Identity

      I’m pretty sure it was a cop show.  Roddenberry himself was a cop.

      • Culpeo

        Yes, GR was a cop at one time, but “The Lieutenant” was definitely about the Marines.
        From Wikipedia:

        “Situated at Camp Pendleton, the West Coast base of the U.S. Marine Corps, it focused on the men of the Corps in peace time with a Cold War backdrop. The title character was Second Lieutenant William Tiberius Rice, a rifle platoon leader and one of the training instructors stationed at Camp Pendleton. An hour-long drama, The Lieutenant explored the lives of Marine recruits and general officers alike.”

  • Elliot

    Yeah I am enjoying this site too! Trekmovie has been incognito the last couple of weeks, so it’s good to know that there isn’t just ONE source of Star Trek news.

  • Starman

    Has anyone heard anything from the “Supreme Court” as to the status of the script and/or production of the next film? With the long silence of any updates, I have a bad feeling the next film isn’t going to be made…I hope I’m wrong about that…

    • Lynn

      I’m sure it will come out. When millions of dollars are on the line, these things take planning and proper execution. Let’s just be patient.

      • Starman


        trying to be patient and hopeful…some bit of news or update would go a long way though….

  • Swpinsent

    Liking this new site…. good to see some news. Trekmovie has gone quite.