Leonard Nimoy & John de Lancie Re-Release “Alien Voices” Through Digital Download

Leonard Nimoy and John de Lancie

Leonard Nimoy and John de Lancie have announced the re-release of their sci-fi/fantasy audio drama series Alien Voices through digital download.

These five original episodes, previously out of print, star Nimoy and de Lancie, along with other Star Trek regulars, such as Roxann Dawson (Voyager), Robert Ellenstein (Star Trek IV), Marnie Mosiman (TNG), Andrew Robinson (DS9), Dwight Shultz (TNG/Voyager), Armin Shimerman (TNG), Ethan Phillips (TNG/Voyager/Enterprise) Kate Mulgrew (Voyager) and even feature a cameo by the one and only William Shatner.

The project, originally launched in 1996, was born from Nimoy’s desire to “branch out” and work independently of Trek and de Lancie’s affinity for the works of H.G. Wells, Jules Verne and similar authors of science fiction genre, whose works they use as a basis for their dramatizations.

Episodes are available for digital download individually for $9.99 on the official Alien Voices website.

Press Release:

Leonard Nimoy and John de Lancie re-release Alien Voices audio dramas

LOS ANGELES, CA (August 11, 2011) – Leonard Nimoy and John de Lancie announced today they are re-releasing all five of their original Alien Voices® Audio Dramas as digital downloads. These previously out-of-print titles include “The First Men In The Moon”, “Journey To The Center Of The Earth”, “The Invisible Man”, “The Lost World” and “The Time Machine”.

These fully dramatized performances star Leonard Nimoy and John de Lancie – along with cast members from Star Trek® feature films and TV series including Roxann Dawson (Star Trek: Voyager), Robert Ellenstein (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home), Marnie Mosiman (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Andrew Robinson (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), Armin Shimerman (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager), Dwight Schultz (Star Trek: The Next Generation and Voyager), Ethan Phillips (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Voyager and Enterprise), Kate Mulgrew (Star Trek: Voyager) and a special guest appearance by William Shatner.

Each title is available for download from the Alien Voices® web site for $9.99 each:www.alienvoices.net

Alien Voices titles available now for download

ALIEN VOICES was formed in 1996 by actors Leonard Nimoy and John de Lancie to create multi-media works of science fiction and fantasy. ALIEN VOICES grew out of a long-held desire to present thoughtful and provocative works of science fiction.

“After years of being associated with other people’s projects we wanted to enter the nest century at the helm of our own,” said Leonard Nimoy, best known for his portrayal of Star Trek’s Mr. Spock. “ALIEN VOICES gives us the chance to work with other artists who also want to branch out, yet still provide audiences with the quality they’ve come to expect from us.”

John de Lancie, whose recurring role as “Q” in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager made him the series’ most popular guest star, explained, “I was raised on the classics – Jules Verne, H.G. Wells and others. Now we can bring these to even wider audiences by means of new technologies and old friends. We at Alien Voices feel that the dramatization should remain faithful to the original works. We are presenting Verne, Wells and other giants of the science fiction genre as they, themselves, might have wished to be heard.”

Alien Voices can be found on the World Wide Web at: www.alienvoices.net

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